July 19, 2008

photos by Allen Earl Photography


At the beginning of last season Andrew Loving of Harlan, KY began his first season of dirt track racing after purchasing a winning car from Tony Trent of Morristown. Trent was selling the car to move up into another class and offered his years of experience and knowledge to the rookie driver. After several top five finishes last year and a couple of second place finishes this season, Loving's fellow competitors knew it was just a matter of time before he would find Victory Lane. Brad davis was the fastest qualifier and lined up beside Leonard Bray in the feature. When the field charged into turn one there was contact between Davis and Bray. As those two traded paint, Loving saw an opening and took over the point bringing Chris Collinsworth along. The first caution waved as the lap car of Dustin Harville spun in front of the leaders and collected Davis who suffrered a flat left rear tire. On the restart it was Loving and Collinsworth followed by Bray, Allen Holt and Tony Horton. On lap 12 Holt eased his way into third and on the next lap moved into second. The most controversial call of the night came on lap 14 as Holt got loose in turn two as he was tracking down Loving. Holt argued that Bray had made contact causing the spin, yet track official deemed that Holt spun on his own. After the restart Bray would challenge Loving several times but the young driver used his experience to pick up his first career win. His number 8 Monte Carlo is sponsored by Jean Coal Company.

Modified Street Results
1. 8 Andrew Loving
2. 17 Leonard Bray
3. 88 Brad Davis
4. 56 Tony Horton
5. 3 Tim Hatfield
6. 21 Dustin MacMurray
7. 20 Scottie Atkins
8. 77 Chris Collinsworth
9. 24 Allen Holt
10. 15 Dustin harville
11. 33 Johnny Simpson
12. 69 Nick Barnard
13. 74 Steve Wilder

With only three West Chevrolet FasTrak Crate Late Models siging in, track officials decided to abbreviated their feature to 12 laps and also gave them the option of using their qualifying time to get into the Steel Head Late Model feature. Knoxville's Brad Hall picked up his tenth win in a row.

West Chevrolet FasTrak Crate Late Models Results
1. 47 Brad Hall
2. 90j Jason Trammell
3. 11 Anthony Arnwine

In 4 cylinder action, Chuck McMahan grabbed his seventh win of the season after battling fellow Newport drivers Cheyenne Kite and Kurt Owens. It was the first appearance of Owens this season in the familiar 7UP Mustang after he dominated the class in 2007. Owens did not make it in time to draw for position and was relegated to the rear of the field for the feature. Kite and Bubby Braden started on the front row yet it didn't take long for McMahan and Owens to find their way up front. After a furious three-way battle for the lead, McMahan would take over the point from Kite on lap 6 with Owens moving into second on the next lap. McMahan's Ford Mustang is sponsored by Southern Star Speed Shop, Dykes Body Shop and Mr. Plumber.

4 Cylinder
1.99 Chuck McMahon
2.7Up Kurt Owens
3.K9 Cheyenne Kite
4.C23 Jamie James
5.7 Bubby Braden
6.19 Brad Pressley
7.10 David Creech
8.28 Justin james
9.007 hayston collett
10.A27 Allen Holloway

In Steel Head Late Model action Travis Fultz would capture his third win of the season in his Reece Monument, Harrogate Collision, Fultz Body Shop sponsored Dodge Charger. Fultz started on the front row beside Jason Trammell and would take over the lead on lap six. Brad Hall started seventh in his Crate Late Model and finished third.

Steel Head Late Models
1.T0 Travis Fultz
2.77 Steve Carr
3.47 Brad Hall
4.5 Anthony Burchett
5.00 Kip Pearson
6.11 Anthony Arnwine
7.XXX Josh Chesney
8.90 Jason Trammell
9.11 Robbie Buchanan
10.8 Mike Reece
11.97 Keith Chapman
12.24 Andy Wilder
13.19 Phillip Gerding

The always exciting Pure Street feature started with Jesse Hoover and Jordan Horton on the front row. Hoover, Horton and Josh Brock battled for the lead for the first seven laps with Hoover and Brock side by side many times. Brock would take the lead away from Hoover on lap eight and on the next lap Hoover's night was ended as he lost a rear axle in turn four. Steve Smith moved up through the field and challenged Brock for the top spot only to have his night end with a flat tire. Brock would hold on to win his fourth feature of the season

Pure Street Results
1.17 Josh Brock
2.92h jordan horton
3.94 Dustin Eldridge
4.28 buster cupp
5.12 Michael Daniels
6.97 aaron guinn
7.55 Jack England
8.2 steve smith
9.3 Jesse Hoover
10.12H Travis Helton
11.29 Tater Mayes
12.15 Kurt Owens
13.27 Gary Harville
14.05 Chris Hickman
15.00 Jonathan Poore
16.XXX Ronnie Graves
17.22 Charles Davidson
18.38 Scott Gray
19.97 Clyde Overholt
20.8 Tony Eads
21.01 Luke Sharp
22.M35 Matt Tharp
23.17X Tim Stevens







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