Vic ‘The Thrill’ Hill out-qualified the field of twenty-six on Saturday night at Tazewell Speedway to take the pole position for the first Sunoco Quick Six Dash and eventually led flag to flag to take his first ever Thunder Series victory. Hill would fall behind Rick Rogers on the first lap of the first of two six lap dash events but hounded the defending series champ til the last turn of the last lap and pulled along side for a photo finish that he would win by mere inches. This proved to be the move of the night, as he would go on to lead the entire way in the fifty-lapper after getting the jump on outside pole-sitter and dash #2 winner Billy Ogle Jr.

Hill's lead was diminished each time the leaders negotiated lapped traffic but would pull away once cleared each time while the best battles on the track were behind him between second and third place finishers Ogle and Rogers in the early going and later between Rogers, Tommy Kerr and Wayne Chinn. Hill won by a few car lengths at the stripe over Ogle, then Rogers, followed by Wayne Chinn then Chad Ogle who wrestled a top five finish away from sixth place finisher Stacy Boles.

Wayne Chinn was impressive as he showed up late and missed hot laps but qualified nineteenth, finished third in b-main #1 to start the feature in 15th. As Chinn approached the battle for third between Rogers and Kerr in the closing laps of the a-main he pulled a nose to the inside of Kerr as the battle entered turn one and made contact. Kerr retaliated but to no avail as the two touched again resulting in Kerr spinning at the exit of turn two on lap 45. Chinn went on to finish 4th while Kerr ended up 11th.

APRIL 4TH, 2009

26 Entries Representing Four States (TN, KY, OH, VA)
Time of Race: 25 Minutes (10:33PM - 10:58PM)
Yellow Flags: 4 (Lap 1, Lap 24, Lap 34, Lap 45)
Lap Leaders: 1 (#1 Hill - 1-50)

1 Vic Hill #1
2 Billy Ogle Jr. #201
3 Rick Rogers #44
4 Wayne Chinn #1
5 Chad Ogle #10
6 Stacy Boles #11B
7 Brian Smith #7
8 Shon Flanary #98
9 Steve Smith #3
10 Mike Weeks #25
11 Tommy Kerr #45
12 Jason Trammell #90J
13 Danny Yoder #2
14 Michael Smith #4
15 Scott Gardner #25
16 Marty Calloway #7
17 Doug Smith #45
18 Tommy Bailey #11
19 Kerry Jones #6
20 David Crabtree #41
21 Dennis Barton #35
22 Shannon Thornsberry #17
23 Bryan Hendrix #5
24 Jeff Neubert #86

Brian Dobbs #11
Michael Howard #24H

Powermaster Fast Time: Vic Hill #1 11.54
TTDCS Hard Charger: Wayne Chinn #1 (15th to 4th)
Double H Race Fab Bumper Award: Danny Yoder #2
Racin With Rex Racer Award: #201 Billy Ogle Jr.
Tiger Rear ends Rookie: Chad Ogle

Sunoco Quick Six #1
1 Vic Hill #1
2 Rick Rogers #44
3 Stacy Boles #11B
4 Tommy Kerr #4T
5 David Crabtree #41
6 Tommy Bailey #11

Sunoco Quick Six #2
1 Billy Ogle Jr. #201
2 Chad Ogle #10
3 Mike Weeks #25
4 Jason Trammell #90J
5 Kerry Jones #6
6 Brian Smith #7

West Haven B-Main #1
1 Steve Smith #3
2 Wayne Chinn #1
3 Marty Calloway #7
4 Bryan Hendrix #5
5 Dennis Barton #35
6 Doug Smith #45
7 Danny Yoder #2

West Haven B-Main #2
1 Shon Flanary #98
2 Shannon Thornsberry #17
3 Jeff Neubert #86
4 Scott Gardner #25
5 Michael Smith #4
6 Brian Dobbs #11
7 Michael Howard #24H

In Modified Street action Greg Estes of Jonesville, VA took over the lead from Jody Horton on lap three of the feature to secure the feature win. Brad Davis, who started deep in the field, worked his way up to second to challenge Estes for the lead. With two laps remaining Davis closed in on Estes's bumper and the duo was almost side-by-side at the finish. Estes's Curl Race Engines powered Monte Carlo is sponsored by Powell Valley National Bank, Signs By Roach, and Boones Trail Bison Farm.

Modified Street Finishing Order

1.Greg Estes
2.Brad Davis
3.Dustin Shaver
4.Jody Horton
5.Andrew Loving
6.Warren McMahan
7.Raymond Shepherd
8.Chris Collinsworth
9.Dixon Greenwood
10.Nick Barnard
11.Larry Burke
12.Tim Hatfield
13.Edward Adams
14.Tony Horton
15.Clyde Overholt
16.Kenny Cloud
17.Mike Kelley
18.Scottie Atkins

Jason Trammell of Knoxville picked up where he left off last season by putting his Fast Lane Signs, Hatmaker Holdings, A-1 Storage, Vic Hill Racing Engines powered Rayburn Corvette on the pole beside Travis Fultz. After racing door-to-door the first two circuits, Trammel would gain the advantage and lead every lap to pick up his first feature of the year and the 38th overall win in the Rayburn Race Car.

Limited Late Model Finishing Order

1.Jason Trammell
2.Travis Fultz
3.Mark Leach
4.Steve Carr
5.Jimmy Calloway
6.Johnny Lane
7.Greg Estes
8.Keith Chapman
9.Mike Reece
10.Phillip Nichols
11.Matt Tharp
12.Freddie Brock
13.Justin Duncan
14.Andy Wilder
15.Josh Chesney

Since starting racing at Tazewell Speedway in 1997 Bo Hall of Tazewell had several top five finishes
over the years yet had never experienced the sweet taste of victory. Hall drew the pole position in a blind draw and used teh advantage to hold off all challengers and lead every lap to earn his first ever victory in his Noah Wholesale, OverHall Racing Monte Carlo. In Victory Lane a jubilant Hall was swamped by his family, crew and fellow drivers.

Pure Street finishing Order

1.Bo Hall
2.Kevin Smith
3.Steve Smith
4.Charles Barnette
5.Michael Daniels
6.Travis Helton
7.John Chesney
8.Walter Disney
9.Jack England
10.Gary Harville
11.Jordan Horton
12.Tony Eads
13.Daniel Carpenter
14.Charles Davidson
15.Jessie Wilder

In the 4 Cylinder feature Justin James and Bubby Braden drew the front two positions. Brad Pressley quickly grabbed the top spot and led the first ten circuits. Tim Ladd, who started ninth would take over the lead on Pressley on lap eleven . Cheyenne Kite, who started tenth, moved up into second and set his sights on Ladd. Just as Kite was getting ready to strike on lap seventeen he tagged the outside wall exiting turn four, violently rolling the car. Just as the car settled he was t-boned in the passenger door by another car. Rescue squad members quickly rushed to Kite as he lay motionless and after a few tense moments Kite exited from the car and walked away under his own power. After he field was regrouped, Ladd would hold on to the lead to take his first victory of the year in the West Haven Speed Equipment, Reflections Car Wash sponsored Toyota.

4 Cylinder Finishing Order

1.Tim Ladd
2.Brad Pressley
3.Jamie James
4.Bubby Braden
5.Lance Frost
6.Hayston Collett
7.Daniel Reece
8.Cheyenne Kite
9.Bobby Lovin
10.Kurt Owens
11.Justin James

The next race at Tazewell Speedway will be on Saturday Night April 18th. Limited Late Models will race for $1200 to win in the 40 lap feature. Plus our support classes will be racing for double point. For more info please visit www.TazewellSpeedway.net.

Winner's photos