Under picture perfect skies Tazewell Speedway fans witnessed another night of great racing and fresh faces in Victory Lane. Fourteen Super Late Models signed in with all but three qualifying in the 11 second bracket. Veteran racer Billy Ogle Jr. flirted with breaking the track record with a blistering lap of 11.267 seconds. Ogle, who has won dozens of features at The Taz, had not tasted victory in over a year since driving for Mike Kittrel Motorsports. With the pole, Ogle quickly showed he was out to break that streak. At the drop of the green Ogle jumped into the lead over Rick Rogers and used the middle groove to distance himself from the field. Ther race was halted only a few times for the ailing machines of Marty Calloway, Terry Wolfenbarger and Steve Smith who all had strong cars. In the end it was Ogle's night as returned to Victory Lane in the Kilby's Equipment, Calhouns Restaurant, Grady & King Construction, Competition Race Engines powered GRT Corvette shod with American Race Tires. As a reminder Super Late Models will be part of our weekly racing program this season.

Super Late Model Results

1.201 Billy Ogle Jr
2.44 Rick Rogers
3.22 Mike Weeks
4.5 Bryan Hendrix
5.7 Brian Smith
6.90J Jason Trammell
7.30 Jeff Neubert
8.J1 Brandon James
9.3 Steve Smith
10.14 Terry Wolfenbarger
11.01 Brad Hall
12.7 Marty Calloway
13.J11 Terry James

Another driver with a long winless streak was Rogersville's Steve Carr who's last win at The Taz was in July of 2007. Carr qualified second and shared the front row with Travis Fultz. Carr would take the lead at the green in the feature and looked to have the car to beat until suffering a flat tire on lap twenty-three. Fultz would take over the lead to notch his first victory of the year in the Harrogate Collision, Fultz Auto Body, DJ's Performance Racing Engines Rayburn Mopar.

Limited Late Model

1.T0 Travis Fultz
2.90 Jason Trammell
3.2 James England
4.97 Keith Chapman
5.31 Greg Estes
6.77 Steve Carr
7.11 Anthony Arnwine
8.8 Mike Reece
9.xxx Josh Chesney
10.11 Josh Fields
11.33 Phillip Nichols
12.12R Ricky Houston
13.18 Anthony Burchett

The wildest action of the night came in the Modified Street feature. Wayne Overholt earned the top spot alongside Warren McMahan. On the first lap Overholt and McMahan touched in turn three sending Overholt heed-on into the outside wall causing his car to overturn. Just as Overholt's car was landing he was collected by several cars and sent into another flip, this time landing on top of the cars of Andrew Loving, Dixon Greenwood and Larry Burke. After a few tense moments Overholt emerged uninjured from his car. McMahan would continue and keep the lead over Chris Collinsworth, Brad Davis , Leonard Bray and Allen Holt. Bray would retire early and Holt spun on his own on lap seven. Collingsworth, still looking for his first ever win, would put the pressure on McMahan throughout the feature. McMahan would cross the checkered flag first yet was disqualified after a post-race inspection giving Chris Collinsworth his first win in the Robbie's Auto Sales, Petty's Wrecker Service Monte Carlo. Anthony Morgan, who started thirteenth, would finish third.

Modified Street

1.77 Chris Collinsworth
2.88 Brad Davis
3.26 Anthony Morgan
4.M7 Mike Simpson
5.24 Charlie Rouse
6.69 Nick Barnard
7.3 Tim Hatfield
8.5 Sue Curl
9.56J Jody Horton
10.56 Tony Horton
11.7 Mike Bright
12.17 Leonard Bray
13.31 Greg Estes
14.54 Larry Burke
15.1 Wayne Overholt
16.8 Andrew Loving
17.7 Dixon Greenwood
33 Warren McMahan DQ

Steve Smith would take the lead in the Pure Street feature on lap four to score his first win of the season in the Shane's Body Shop, Kitt's Tire, Collett & Sons Transport Camaro.

Pure Street

1.2 Steve Smith
2.11 Kevin Smith
3.15 Jason Long
4.12 Michael Daniels
5.56 Jordan Horton
6.30 Dwight Creech
7.12H Travis Helton
8.1 Anthony Standifer
9.97 Bo Hall
10.27 Gary Harville
11.12X Jerry Green
12.48 Charles Barnette
13.16 Will Carey
14.J35 John Chesney
15.25 Jonathan Miracle
16.1 Brian Carpenter
17.8 Tony Eads
18.27 Johnny Simpson

In Four Cylinder action Newport's Kurt Owens scored his first win since August of last year in the familiar 7UP Mustang.

4 Cylinder

1.7UP Kurt Owens
2.A00 Joey Allen
3.19 Brad Pressley
4.13 Scottie Frazier
5.J5 Jamie James
6.7 Bubby Braden
7.K9 Cheyenne Kite
8.66 David Reece
9.22 Jeff Lucas
10.007 Hayston Collett

Another night of weekly racing is on tap for Saturday night May 2 with Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Modified Street, Pure Street and Four Cylinders. For more info call 423.626.2222 or visit www.TazewellSpeedway.net.


Winner's photos from April 25, 2009