The modified street class began the night's racing action with Brad Davis grabbing an early lead and keeping a hard charging Greg Estes behind him. Dustin Shaver had a great qualifying time and started up on row one but fell to third as the race came to a close. Davis who was celebrating his 40th birthday thanked his crew and fans and also gave the track workers credit for a super smooth racing surface.

Modified Street Results
1. 88 Brad Davis
2. 31 Greg Estes
3. 7 Dustin Shaver
4. 77 Chris Collinsworth
5. 24 Allen Holt
6. 5 Sue Curl
7. M7 Mike Simpson
8. 54 Larry Burke
9. 17 Leonard Bray
10. 21 Dustin McMurray
11. 3 Tim Hatfield
12. 33 warren McMahan
13. 56J Jody Horton
14. 56 Tony Horton DNS
15. 20 Scott Adkins DNS
16. P21 Donnie Petty DNS

The super late models took the track next with the qualifying record-holder Rick Rogers and Steve Smith alongside him on the front row. Rogers grabbed a large lead as the race began but shortly after the mid-point Smith was in striking distance. The leaders struggled at times to get around the lap traffic but did so without incident. Smith could only get a nose close to Rogers who finished the race off with the victory and gave Hoosier tires their first Tazewell Speedway win of 2009. During his interview following his win Rogers said, "Thanks to all my sponsors and crew and thanks to all of you fans up in the stands."

Super Late Model Results
1. 44 Rick Rogers
2. 3 Steve Smith
3. 22 Mike Weeks
4. 14 Terry Wolfenbarger
5. XXX Josh Chesney
6. 7 Brian Smith
7. 25 Bobby Mays DNS

Up next was the limited late model class. Phillip Nichols found the lower groove to his liking as he circled the Taz with ease. Travis Fultz had to come from the middle of the pack and by the race's end found himself closing in on Nichols. Nichols closed out the race by crossing the finish line first but lost by five. As Nichols crossed the scales it was deemed by track officials that he was five pounds too light giving the win to Fultz. Greg Estes finished second and Jimmy Calloway took the third spot.

Limited Late Model Results
1. T0 Travis Fultz
2. 31 Greg Estes
3. 77 Jimmy Calloway
4. 11 Josh Fields
5. 18 Mike Rutherford
6. 18 Anthony Burchett
7. 7B Mike Bright
8. 6 Steve Rouse
9. 33 Phillip Nichols DQ Light on Scales

Pure Street Results
1. 2 Steve Smith
2. 15 Jason Long
3. 11 Kevin Smith
4. 56 Jordan Horton
5. 47 Walter Disney
6. 27 Gary Harville
7. 16 Will Carey
8. J35 John Chesney
9. 55 Charlie England
10. 12 Mike Daniels
11. 01 Luke Sharp
12. 66 Daniel Reece
13. 3 Mike Boyd

Four Cylinder Results
1. 99 Chuck McMahan
2. 9 Cheyenne Kite
3. A27 Allen Holloway
4. 10 Bobby Lovin
5. 19 Brad Pressley
6. J5 Jamie James
7. 007 Hayston Collett
8. A00 Joey Allen
9. 7 Up Kurt Owens
10. B7 Bubby Braden

On June 20th will be the second kid's night of the year and Tazewell Speedway will be giving a free hotdog and coke to all kids 12 and under and will once again be having footraces for kids 12 and under with bikes to the winners as well as a trophy. Come out and watch all the great races and bring a friend to the Bad-Fast-Taz.
Don't forget that on July 5th the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will be at the Taz for a 75 lap $10,000 to win feature race presented by Toyota of Knoxville.


Winner's photos from June 13, 2009