Folks at Tazewell Speedway Saturday were looking around for a full moon as there was wild action on and off the track. Limited Late Models were showcased as they raced for $1500 to win in a 35 lap feature. Phillip Nichols would earn fast time honors yet track officials announced in the drivers meeting that the top four qualifiers would be inverted for the feature. This would put Mark Leach alongside Jason Trammell on the front row. After the field took the green disaster would strike Ernie Stuart as he made contact with another car going down the back stretch. Stuart rim rode the outside wall fipping over and then collected by another car. Stuart would walk away unhurt. On the restart Andy Wilder would make contact with Anthony Burchett who spun in turn three. As Brian Hooks was trying to avoid hitting Burchett he was hit from behind and flipped violently in turn three. He would also walk away unhurt. After the two quick cautions track officials lined the cars up single file. Leach would pull out a five car advantage over Trammell who had his hands full holding off Travis Fultz. On lap six Fultz would take over second and set his sights on Leach. Midway through the race Fultz would catch up to Leach's bumper. Leach cars was clearly slowing and several times leach threw his hand out the windows indicating that he might be pulling off only to continue. On lap thirty-one Fultz would finally get by as Leach who pulled pitside with motor troubles. Travis Fultz would celebrate his sixth win of the season in the Harrogate Collision, Fultz Auto sponsored Rayburn Chassis powered by a DJ's Performance Engine Mopar.

Limited Late Models
1.T0 Travis Fultz
2.90 Jason Trammell
3.33 Phillip Nichols
4.66 Mark Leach
5.31 Greg Estes
6.8 Mike Reece
7.11 Anthony Arnwine
8.xxx Josh Chesney
9.18 Michael Rutherford
10.11 Josh Fields
11.18 Anthony Burchett
12.43 Matt Tharp
13.7B Mike Bright
14.B4 Don Scalf
15.31 Ernie Stuart
16.24 Andy Wilder
17.97 Keith Chapman
18..B3 Brian Hooks
19.0 Freddie Brock
20.32 Jason Manley

In the Modified Street feature father and son lined up on the front row as Jody Horton earned fast time with his father Tony qualifying second. The elder Horton would take the early lead as the younger Horton battled Brad Davis for second. Davis would eventually take over second but not without swapping paint with Jody Horton. Tony Horton would lead every lap and after the field took the checkers Davis and Jody Horton would tangle in turn four with tempers flaring. After the dust settled Tony Horton, Jody Horton, and Davis would have theirs motors checked by the track technical director. All three cars were deemed to be legal yet Jody Horton and Brad Davis were disqualified for their post-race altercation.

Modified Street
1.56 Tony Horton
2.31 Greg Estes
3.7 Dustin Shaver
4.26 Anthony Morgan
5.17 Leonard Bray
6.24 Allen Holt
7.5 Sue Curl
8.1 Robbie Buchanan
9.21 Dustin McMurray
10.3 Tim Hatfield
11.54 Larry Burke
12.20 Scottie Atkins
13.92 Darrell Mayes
14.4 Clyde Overholt
15.P21 donnie Petty
16.7 Dixon Greenwood
17.M2 Mike Hodges
18.77 Chris Collinsworth
DQ.88 Brad Davis
DQ.56J Jody Horton

Hobby Stocks were also in action with Wise, Viginia's Jamie Whitt qualifying first and leading every lap of the feature in the B&D Repair, baldwin Filters sponsored Iron Horse Race Cars Monte Carlo. Jamie's father Jimmy raced at Tazewell Speedway in the 70's and 80's.

Hobby Stock
1.1J Jamie Whitt
2.17 Chuck Johnson
3.7 Dustin Shaver
4.4 Mark Sturgill
5.17H Devin Helton
6.54 Bobby Reed
7.50 Curt Taylor
8.75 Chris Long
9.88 Shannon Davidson
10.52 Dale Reed

In the Pure Street feature Steve Smith would overtake Jason Long on the fifteenth lap to record his sixth win of theseason in the Kitt's Tire, Collett & Sons Transport, Shane's Body Shop sponsored Camaro.

Pure Street
1.2 Steve Smith
2.15 jason long
3.12 Michael Daniels
4.56 Jordan Horton
5.41 Jonathan Miracle
6.16 Will Carey
7.27 Gary Harville
8.66 Daniel Reece
9.47 Walter Disney
10.10 Daniel Carpenter
11.1 Brian Carpenter

In 4 Cylinder action Kurt Owens would come from the back to battle Brad Pressley for the lead on lap five. The next lap Owens would slip pass Pressley. Just as Owens was celebrating the win in victory lane he would be protested by Pressley. Refusing to be inspected, Owens would forfeit the win to Pressley

4 Cylinder
1.19 Brad Pressley
2.X Chuck McMahan
3.A27 Allen Holloway
4.7 Bubby Braden
5.007 Hayston Collett
6.A00 Joey Allen
7.22 Mark Hale
8.10 Bobby Lovin
9.36 Lance Frost
10.28 Justin James
DQ 7UP Kurt Owens

The biggest race of the year at Tazewell Speedway will be this Friday night August 21st as we welcome back the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series as they present the Toyota Knoxville 75 paying $10,000 to win. Some of the nations best Super Late Models will be on hand including, Scott Bloomquist, Jimmy Owens, Earl Pearson, Jr; Dale McDowell, and Ray Cook and more. Local drivers expected will be Vic Hill, Rick Rogers, Steve Smith, Terry and Jeff Wolfenbarger, Bryan Hendrix, Shon Flanary and many more. Also racing for the first time at The TAz will be the Classic Cars. Pit gates will open at 2:30 p.m. with main grandstands opening at 4:00 p.m. General admission will be $25 with children under twelve admitted free with a paying adult. Pit admission will be $35. For more info please visit www.TazewellSpeedway.net and www.LucasDirt.com.

Winner's photos from August 15, 2009