With the temperature bumping 90 degrees Tazewell Speedway opened its gates for another exciting weekly racing program.

Race fans were slow to come in due to scattered storms in and around the area but by the time period reserved for hot laps a nice crowd had assembled.

Following hot laps the cars took to the high banks for qualifying with the Modified Street class leading the way. Robbie Buchanon in the P21 Chevrolet had the fast time with a lap of 13.503 seconds.

The Classics were second to qualify and Logan Dukes had the quickest lap with a time of 14.279 seconds. Next on the track were the Tazewell Late Models and Greg Estes put a great lap down and circled the Taz in 11.702 seconds to grab the pole position. Jonathan Miracle took the top spot in Pure Street qualifying with a trip around the Taz in 14.732 seconds
After the prayer and the National Anthem it was time to race. The Modified Street class hit the track first. Robbie Buchanon and Allen Holt led the pack into turn one. Buchanon took an early lead and pulled on out to a two car length advantage. Holt and Tony Horton pulled away from the rest of the field as they tried to catch Buchanon. A lap 8 caution brought the field together for a restart. The front two pulled out once again but Holt was able to keep it close. On lap 14 the caution flag slowed the field down and Buchanon yielded the lead over to Holt. Horton moved to second and Warren McMahan climbed up to third. On the restart it was all Holt as he drove away to the win.

Modified Street Results:
1 24 Allen Holt
2 56 Tony Horton
3 33 Warren McMahan
4 77 Chris Collingsworth
5 54 Larry Burke
6 20 Scott Atkins
7 56H Jordan Horton
8 P21 Robbie Buchanon
9 XXX Josh Chesney
10 9 Darrel Saylor
11 3 Tim Hatfield
12 26 Anthony Morgan
13 4 Clyde Overholt DNS Tow Only

The Classics were next with Logan Dukes and Joe Keck on the front row. On the start the two drove away to battle for the lead with Josh Chesney third but on lap 3 Keck moved on up to the point. Dukes spun and moved to the rear bringing Chesney on up to second and Drew Kennedy to third. Phillip Shockley challenged Kennedy for third but the high side was very kind to Kennedy until lap 13. Contact left Kennedy's #57 parked in turn four. Dukes moved back into contention in the third spot as the field was restarted. On lap 17 Dukes quickly made it back up into second. The Classics however, had yet another first time winner when Keck took the win.

Classic Car Results:
1 8 Joe Keck
2 6 Logan Dukes
3 13 Adam Hicks
4 XXX Josh Chesney
5 9 Wayne Dukes
6 23 Wayne Holbert
7 34 Phillip Shockley
8 57 Drew Kennedy
9 O3 Jim Yeary
10 3 Mark Dukes
11 88 Ed Merrimann
12 22 Michael Holbert

Next on the track were the Tazewell Late Models with Greg Estes and Steve Carr making up row one. Points leader, Travis Fultz started from row three. Estes powered to the point but got passed on lap 4 by Carr. Hall stayed right with Carr and Estes found a hungry Jason Trammell trying to get his third spot with Fultz lurking behind. On lap 11 Hall cleared Estes for first as Trammell and Fultz went side by side for 4th with Trammell getting the spot on lap 22. A crash in turn one caused a caution on lap 23. Keith Chapman, Marty Calloway and Anthony Arnwine were involved. On the restart it was Hall, Carr and Estes the top 3. Hall ended his dry spell when he held everyone off for the win. In victory lane Hall said, "You just gotta race the track and take what it gives. Its been a long time and it feels good to be back."

Tazewell Late Models:
1 47 Brad Hall
2 77 Steve Carr
3 31 Greg Estes
4 90J Jason Trammel
5 T0 Travis Fultz
6 O5 Gary Blanken
7 11 Anthony Arnwine
8 56J Jody Horton
9 111 Jay Allan
10 15 Michael Rutherford
11 24 Andy Wilder
12 97 Keith Chapman
13 8 Randy Davis
14 77 Jimmy Calloway
15 25 Scott Gardner
16 35 Matt Tharp
17 14 Scott Grubb
18 33 Phillip Nichols
19 44 Jordan Horton

The Pure Street cars raced next with the front row consisting of Jonathan Miracle and Jason Long. Long made a strong move to the front on the first lap. Miracle took over the lead on lap 4 but on lap 12 Long went back to the front again after Miracle had a left front problem. Long also had problems giving the lead over to Mike Daniels with Will Carey second and Justin James third. Daniels finished at the front to win his second in a row.

Pure Street Results:
1 12 Michael Daniels
2 16 Will Carey
3 28 Justin James
4 22 Charlie Davidson
5 41 Johnathan Miracle
6 15 Jason Long
7 8 Mike Kelley

The four-cylinder race closed out the night's action. On the front row was Joey Allen and Justin James. On lap 3 Allen had a nice lead but broke and moved Bubby Braden on up to first place. Allen Holloway moved into second and Steve Lee moved into third on the restart. Braden held off the hard-charging Holloway and Lee to capture his first ever win. The racing program concluded at 11:30.

Four Cylinder Results:
1 B7 Bubby Braden
2 A27 Allan Holloway
3 97 Steve Lee
4 28 Justin James
5 A00 Joey Allan