One week after the World of Outlaws visited the high banks the Speedway returned to the regular weekly racing program. The weather was nice and comfortable as the fans began to take their seats to watch the track come alive. The cars hot lapped to start the night then it was on to qualifying. Taking to the track first to qualify was the Modified Street class. The fastest lap was laid down by Warren McMahan in his red #33 Chevrolet with a time of 13.569 seconds. Next to qualify was the track’s newest class the Tazewell Speedway Classics. The fast time went to Joe Keck with a lap of 14.452 seconds. The Tazewell Late models hit the track next and the quickest time belonged to Jason Trammell with a quick lap and new track record of 11.658 seconds barely edging out rival Travis Fultz for the pole position. Pure Street qualified fourth with the best lap belonging to Jonathan Miracle at 14.976 seconds.

The Modified Street class were the first to race their feature tonight with Warren McMahan leading the field to the green flag. For the first nine laps it was great racing up front between McMahan and Brad Davis but as they were battling Clyde Overholt made his move and joined the two up front. A caution involving Chris Collinsworth and Richie Carey tightened the field up for a typical Tazewell Speedway restart. On lap 15 Overholt left the track due to his machine overheating moving Tony Horton up to third. A lap 18 caution once again slowed the pace and gave Davis and the field another shot at McMahan. Despite a valiant effort by Davis, McMahan took the win.

Modified Street Results:
1 33 Warren McMahan
2 88 Brad Davis
3 56 Tony Horton
4 P21 Robbie Buchanon
5 69 Nick Barnard
6 24 Allen Holt
7 54 Larry Burke
8 3 Tim Hatfield
9 XXX Josh Chesney
10 66 Punk Henson
11 20 Scott Adkins
12 4 Clyde Overholt
13 56H Jordan Horton
14 21 Richie Carey
15 77 Chris Collinsworth

The Classics were next and the field was led by Logan Dukes and Scott Russell instead of Joe Keck who had the fastest time during qualifications. Keck started the race in car 88 at the rear of the pack. Before the race could get started the 555 of Matt Shockley threw fluids on the racing surface bringing out a caution flag and complete restart. Following the restart a second caution flag was displayed for Michael Holbert. His car had been persuaded into the inside wall. The cars lined up again trying to get just a single lap recorded. For the second week in a row the classics saw a crash that got the fans on their feet in awe and a car on its top and another one on its side. All the drivers were ok and those involved included Robbie Sands, Joe Keck and Scott Russell who took the worst of the accident. Only four cars were left to restart and the field still had not recorded an official lap. Dukes, Phillip Sands, Phillip Shockley and Ron Rudder were the only ones that ended up actually racing. Logan went on to capture the win over Sands and Shockley.

Classic Car Results:
1 6 Logan Dukes
2 5 Phillip Sands
3 34 Phillip Shockley
4 2 Ron Rudder
5 9 Scott Russell Pay to Wayne Dukes
6 17 Robbie Sands
7 88 Joe Keck
8 22 Michael Holbert
9 555 Matt Shockley
10 31 Greg Estes Tow Only
11 8 Josh Chesney Tow Only

The Tazewell Speedway Late Models were next to race and the two foes that created controversy a few weeks ago ironically both started on row one. Jason Trammell and Travis Fultz looked to continue their friendly rivalry. Getting the jump and leading the field into turn one was Fultz but the lead was short-lived as Trammell led the first 10 laps until Mike Bright's car had a problem and had to go pit side. On the restart it was Trammell, Fultz and Phillip Nichols the top three. On lap 18 the caution flag flew again this time for Anthony Arnwine's black number 11. Arnwine and Bright both returned to action as the field was restarted. Trammell liked the high side and Fultz had to try to get around on the bottom. Trammell held off many attempts by Fultz and went flag to flag for the win as Fultz slid back and got beat at the stripe by Nichols. Nichols last lap charge grabbed him second and Fultz took third. Trammell pulled into victory lane to both cheers and boos.

Tazewell Late Models:
1 90J Jason Trammel
2 33 Phillip Nichols 3 T0 Travis Fultz
4 111 Jay Allan
5 97 Keith Chapman
6 31 Greg Estes 7 56J Jody Horton
8 15 Michael Rutherford
9 11 Anthony Arnwine
10 79C Mike Bright
11 24 Andy Wilder
12 77 Steve Carr
13 1 Jimmy Callaway
14 G7 Billy Gordon
15 14 Earl Brimm

Fourth to race was the Pure Street class with Jason Long and Jonathan Miracle on the front row. Miracle drove away to a comfortable lead over Long but the best racing was for third between Mike Daniels and Dustin Eldrige. A caution flag for Gary Harville's overheating car bunched the field up for a lap 10 restart. Eldrige also left the action before the race resumed with mechanical issues. From that point on it was follow the leader. Miracle took home another win over Jason Long and Mike Daniels.

Pure Street Results:
1 41 Johnathan Miracle
2 15 Jason Long
3 12 Michael Daniels
4 10 Tony Spoon
5 28 Justin James
6 23 Paul Whitley
7 X Dustin Eldrige
8 27 Gary Harville

The final race of the night were the Four-Cylinders and Joey Allen, Kurt Owens and Chuck McMahan put on a show. They all started behind Anthony Guy and Bubby Braden but by the end of the race were fighting for the top spot. Allen and Owens traded the lead several times but Allen took the checkers in the end. McMahan had trouble with lap-traffic and finished third.

Four Cylinder Results:
1 A00 Joey Allen
2 7-Up Kurt Owens
3 99 Chuck McMahan
4 B7 Bubby Braden
5 28 Anthony Guy
6 2 Mark Wallace

The ladies night race program concluded at 11:45 and the fans witnessed some of the year's best racing. Matt Hinkin from Knoxville's WATE TV-6 visited the Speedway and led the pre-race prayer. Next week is another weekly racing program but will feature the Bulls Gap Hobby Stocks and on July 24th, Tazewell Speedway will host the Ray Cook Southern Nationals finale.