With the heat index over 100 degrees the fans slowly filed in to witness the finale of the 2010 Southern Nationals promoted by Ray Cook. The race cars hit the track to help prepare the racing surface which gave way to qualifications.

The Southern Nationals took to the track for qualifying first with Chris Madden getting the fast time with a lap of 11.118 seconds. The Modified Street class was next and Brad Davis put his car on the pole with a lap of 13.344 seconds. The Classics followed the Modified Street Class and Phillip Shockley grabbed the pole with a time of 14.389 seconds.

The Modified Street class opened the racing action with Brad Davis jumping to the lead with Robbie Buchanon in tow. The Horton’s, Tony and Jordon were fighting for third. Caution was displayed on lap 3 for a Richie Carey spin. After the restart, Davis was hooked up and began to drive away but on lap 8 Leonard Bray making his first start of the season spun in turn two bringing out another caution. On the lap 9 restart the top three remained the same. Tony Horton pressured Buchanon on the low side but could not clear all the while holding Jordon at bay. On lap 13 an incident involving Allen Holt and Craig Moore on the back stretch left Moore's car on its top. Both drivers were unhurt and were able to exchange a few words. The field lined up again for a restart with the top three still unchanged. Buchanon fell off the pace on the restart moving Tony Horton up to second with son Jordon behind him in third. On lap 16 Clyde Overholt spun in turn two making the field restart once again. Tony got close to Davis but could not make a pass. "Diamond " Davis took home his first win of 2010 over a hungry Tony and Jordon Horton. After the race Brad Davis’ machine was protested and took to the cage for technical inspection. Results unofficial.

Modified Street Results:
1 88 Brad Davis
2 56 Tony Horton
3 56H Jordan Horton
4 54 Larry Burke
5 1 Ritchie Carey
6 17 Leonard Bray
7 20 Scott Adkins
8 4 Clyde Overholt
9 P21 Robbie Buchanaan
10 24 Allen Holt
11 6 Craig Moore
12 9 Darrell Saylor
13 66 Punk Henson

Next was the Southern National Feature with Chris Madden and Billy Ogle Jr. on the front row. Into turn one they charged with the advantage going to Madden. Ogle slid back to third behind Jonathan Davenport. Ogle went on the attack in an attempt to grab second but Davenport was holding his line keeping Ogle just behind. A caution on lap 12 lined up the ultra fast field for another restart. Madden moved ahead but the field was slowed by a spin from Ross Bailes. Just behind the leaders Shane Clanton and Rick Rogers were making passes trying to get to the front. Madden loved the high side and was keeping the field in his dust as Ogle was trying once again to get second by dropping to the low side of Davenport. Vic Hill liked the low side too and began pressuring Rogers for fifth. Madden sliced through traffic well and stayed out front with Davenport still as his shadow. On lap 42 Davenport took the point away from Madden in lap traffic and stayed ahead until the last two laps. The last two laps were as exciting as any race ever seen at the Taz as Madden and Davenport traded the point several times in the final two laps. Davenport not only won the race and $ 5,300 but he took home the Southern National series championship. Madden took second and Ogle third. There was no doubt that the fans got the most out of the admission tonight as most were on their feet throughout the final laps of the great feature race.

Southern Nationals Results:
1 49 John Davenport
2 44 Chris Madden
3 201 Billy Ogle Jr
4 25 Shane Clanton
5 44 Rick Rogers
6 1 Vic Hill
7 4T Tommy Kerr
8 B2 Brian Booze
9 44 Clint Smith
10 28 Jeff Wolfenbarger
11 5 Bryan Hendrix
12 10 Chad Ogle
13 93 Donald Breasher
14 2X John Henderson
15 3 Mike Collins
16 4 Mike Smith
17 87 Ross Bailes
18 O9 Johnny Persley Jr
19 11 Tommy Bailey
20 14 Terry Wolfenbarger
21 3 Steve Smith
22 O Jeff Maupin
23 18m Jeff Smith
24 26 Tony Knowles
25 35 Dennis Barton
26 7 Brian Smith

The Classics were led into turn one by Phillip Shockley and Logan Dukes. Shockley led lap one but Robbie Sands and Joe Keck was coming up through the field. On lap 8 Sands was at the rear of Shockley's car but the high side was quick enough to keep him ahead until lap 11. Shockley slipped and spun and gave the lead to Sands. Logan Dukes and Joe Keck were second and third. The front three remained the same as the laps counted away but no one on this night would pass "The Rocket" as he remained up front and took his second win.

Classic Car Results:
1. 17 Robbie Sands
2. 6 Logan Dukes
3. 8 Joe Keck
4. 5 Phillip Sands
5. 28 Adam Engel
6. 13 Adam Hicks
7. 4 Tom Conaway
8. 34 Phillip Shockley
9. 31 Robert Estes
10. 60 Bobby Bohana
11. 2 Ron Rudder
12. 88 Joel Wolfenbarger

Jonathan Miracle and Justin James led the Pure Street field to the green. Miracle and Kevin Smith began a good battle early on with Jason Long watching from third place. On lap 6 Justin James spun in turn 2 bringing out a caution. Miracle rolled on to the checkered flag with Kevin Smith all over his rear quarter. Finishing third was Jason Long.

Pure Street Results:
1 41 Johnathan Miracle
2 58 Kevin Smith
3 15 Jason Long
4 12 Michael Daniels
5 28 Buster Cupp
6 27 Gary Harville
7 R2 Brian Osbon
8 28 Justin James
9 77 John Stevens

In the four cylinder feature Joey Allen slid into the lead and kept it until the very end of the race. Allen thought that there was a yellow light on display as the race was ending letting Chuck McMahan by. McMahan took the controversial win over Allen and Kurt Owens.

Four Cylinder Results:
1 99 Chuck McMahan
2 A00 Joey Allen
3 7Up Kurt Owens
4 97 Steve Wykle
5 A27 Allan Hollaway
6 B7 Bubby Braden
7 2 Mark Wallace
8 28 Anthony Guy

In what will go down as one of the finest Super Late Model races ever seen at the Tazewell Speedway, Jonathan Davenport took home a big win and the Southern Nationals title. The fans got to see a great race and the rest of the program featured exciting races also. On July 31st the Speedway will host another regular weekly racing program. One week after that on August 7th the night will once again belong to the kids as it will be a night of 10,000 nickels. They will be placed on the front stretch for the kids to pick up as many as they can as quickly as they can. Tazewell Speedway thanks all that support the Speedway on a weekly basis. In addition, the Southern Nationals announced that they will be back to the Taz in 2011.