Tazewell Speedway held its final scheduled race of 2010 and celebrated its champions on a cool late-summer night. Also, several people brought canned foods in to benefit the Claiborne Hunger Ministries. Many were hoping to see Knoxville, Tennessee’s rising NASCAR star, Trevor Bayne compete in the Classics feature race but unexpected business in Charlotte, North Carolina prevented his appearance. After the track was readied for racing qualifications began. Travis Fultz won the pole for the Tazewell Late Model feature with a fast lap of 11.647 seconds. Clyde Overholt had fastest lap in Modified Street qualifying with his lap of 13.287. Logan Dukes took the top spot in Classics with a lap of 14.601 seconds. In Pure Street Jonathan Miracle won the pole with his 14.403 second lap and in Hobby Stock Jesse Helton’s 13.441 second lap placed him on the pole for their feature.

Racing first was the Modified Street division with Clyde Overholt taking the win.
1. 4 Clyde Overholt
2. 33 Warren McMahan
3. 56H Jordon Horton
4. 5 Gary Blanken
5. 54 Larry Burke
6. 24 Allen Holt
7. 56 Tony Horton
8. 36 Bubba Long
9. 3 Tim Hatfield
10. 9 Darrell Saylor
11. P21 Robbie Buchanon
12. 20 Scottie Atkins
13. 2 Mark Wallace

After the victory lane celebration was over the top three in the title hunt were acknowledged as well as the rookie of the year. Tony Horton took the Championship, his fourth overall. Rookie of the year went to Jordon Horton. Robbie Buchanon took home second place in points and Larry Burke finished third.

Next on the high-banks was the Tazewell Speedway Late Model class. Travis Fultz held off a charge from Jason Trammell to take the victory.

1 TO Travis Fultz
2 90J Jason Trammell
3 77 Steve Carr
4 33 Phillip Nichols
5 31 Greg Estes
6 97 Keith Chapman
7 11 Anthony Arnwine
8 56J Jody Horton
9 31 Warren McMahan
10 34 Phillip Shockley
11 3 J Allen
12 28 Justin James
13 21 Bobby Moore
14 14 Scott Grubbs
15 41 Johnny Lane
16 14 Earl Brimm
17 RIII Tyler Dixon

Travis Fultz won the points Championship with Jody Horton named rookie of the year. Second went to Greg Estes and third in points was Jody Horton.

The Tazewell Speedway Classics were the next to race with Logan Dukes taking the checkers.

1 6 Logan Dukes
2 34 Phillip Shockley
3 17 Robbie Sands
4 3 J Eubanks
5 4 Tom Conaway
6 9 Wayne Dukes
7 18 Jim Yeary
8 23 Wayne Holbert
9 31 Parker Estes
10 8 Joe Keck

Joe Keck took the Championship with Robert Estes taking rookie of the year honors. Phillip Shockley took home second place in points with Robbie Sands finishing third.

The Pure Street class came to the track next with Kevin Smith finishing at the front.

1 58 Kevin Smith
2 2 Steve Smith
3 10 Daniel Carpenter
4 28 Buster Cupp
5 10 Tony Spoon
6 77 John Stevens
7 O1 Luke Sharp
8 15 Jason Long
9 27 Gary Harville
10 41 Jonathan Miracle
11 17 Tim Stevens

The Championship in the Pure Street class went to Jason Long with rookie of the year honors going to Justin James. Mike Daniels got second place and Jonathan Miracle finished third.

The visiting Hobby Stocks were the next to race and Jesse Helton took home a decisive win.

1 28 Jesse Helton
2 6M R.J. Mays
3 5 Sue Curl
4 4 Shannon Davidson
5 88 Danny Helton
6 79 Jesse Wilder
7 M2 Shannon Emery
8 75 Chris Long
9 30 Mike Mays

The Four-Cylinder class were quick to follow and Chuck McMahan won their feature.

1 99 Chuck McMahan
2 B7 Daris Braden
3 A27 Allen Holloway
4 6 DeWayne Clabough
5 2 Mark Wallace
6 97 Stevie Lee
7 7Up Kurt Owens
8 AOO Joey Allen
9 28 Anthony Guy

In the pursuit of the Championship, Joey Allen took home the first place trophy with Steve Lee earning rookie of the year. Second place went to Chuck McMahan and third place to Bubby Braden.

In the most exciting and final race of the night the ladies of the Powder-Puff stole the show. Courtney "Hang-Time" Horton got the crowd’s attention when her car climbed the outside wall coming out of turn four and took flight and rolled on the front stretch. She climbed out of her crashed racing machine and stood on it as it lay upside down to the approval of the fans. Taking the victory was Chelsie Overholt.

1 4Chelsie Overholt
2 28 Summer Singleton
3 28 Rebecca Callebs
4 3 Crystal Daniels
5 77 Chevelle Goins
6 56 Courtney Horton
7 O1 Jessica Sharpe

The final scheduled race of the 2010 season was a night of fast, exciting racing action and a fitting tribute to all the newly crowned champions. Congratulations to each of them as well as the rookies of the year. Even though the race was the final one scheduled the speedway announced it would open its gates once more on October 2nd for one more night of racing featuring seven classes of cars; Supers, Tazewell Late Models, Classics, Modified Streets, Hobby Stocks, Pure Streets and Four-Cylinders. The Super Late Models will be racing for a $ 2,000 first place check. Thanks to all the loyal fans who support the Taz on a weekly basis. For more information on this event and all things Tazewell Speedway log on to www.tazewellspeedway.net.