April 30th - It was finally another Saturday race night after the Taz sat idle for the Easter Holiday; however, Tazewell Speedway opened with our hearts and prayers still focused on the hundreds of our national friends who were affected by the severe storms and floods that swept through earlier in the week. Tazewell Speedway urges everyone to help your neighbors recover in any way possible. With that in mind we moved on to the third race of the 2011 season. The night began with the drivers meeting and then the cars took to the track to pack in the racing surface before the hot laps began. In hot laps several drivers attempted to knock down the wall between turns one and two but all failed. After that it was time to turn them loose against the clock. Qualifying first was the drivers and cars of the Modified Street class and Jordon Horton with white smoke pouring out of his Chevrolet grabbed the pole with a lap of 14.774 seconds. The Tazewell Late Models were next and Jason Trammell was hooked up to the tune of a 12.207 second lap to grab the pole for the 30-lap feature race. Next on the track was the Classics with Logan Dukes having the fastest time at 15.325.

The Modified Street feature was next with Gary Blanken leading the way into the first turn followed by Warren McMahan. Brad Davis quickly moved up into the third spot as Blanken left the racing surface along with Jordon and Tony Horton. The point was left to McMahan with Sizemore second. Tony Horton and Blanken both rejoined at the rear as the pack got the green to restart. McMahan was overpowering the field until a second caution on lap 5 slowed the pace. Robbie Buchanan had now moved into position to threaten Davis for his third spot. Blanken was already back up to eighth place on the restart. Buchanan got around Davis for third on lap 6 as Sizemore tried to stay with McMahan up front. On lap 10 the cars were back together due to a caution and were set loose again by flagman Bruce Caylor. On lap 14 McMahan clipped a lapped car and was sent into the turn one wall ending his hope for the win. Sizemore, Buchanan and Davis moved up into the top three spots with Chris Collinsworth and Blanken finishing out the top five. McMahan was able to restart. The race ended with no change in the top five but Buchanan had tried everything to get by Sizemore. It was Jason's first win at the Taz. "I thank the fans, God, everybody!" said a happy Sizemore in victory lane.

Modified Street Results:
1 22 Jason Sizemore
2 P21 Robbie Buchanan
3 88 Brad Davis
4 77 Chris Collinsworth
5 5 Gary Blanken
6 56 Tony Horton
7 17 Leonard Bray
8 55 Howie Sturgill
9 XXX Josh Chesney
10 54 Larry Burke
11 33 Warren McMahan
12 20 Scottie Atkins
13 4 Clyde Overholt
14 4 Shanon Davidson
15 1 Scott Johnson
16 56H Jordan Horton

The second race of the night was the Classics. Pole sitter, Logan Dukes was surprisingly not in the lead when going into turn one since Robbie Sands had gotten around him just after the start/finish line to take the point. Dukes caught a lap car just right and got the point back on lap 6. Dukes, Sands and Joe Keck finished in the top three.

Classic Car Results:
1 6 Logan Dukes
2 17 Robbie Sands
3 8 Joe Keck
4 4 Tom Conaway
5 117 Phillip Sands
6 7 Jim Yeary
7 74 Lawrence Mcgeorge
8 1 Robby Robinson
9 34 Phillip Shockley DNS

The Tazewell Speedway Late Model feature was next and with the track still looking fast the fans were anxious for it to get underway. Jason Trammell tore into turn one's clay banks with Rick Rogers right with him. It got worrisome early on for the leaders as they hit lap traffic on just the third lap. Trammell moved around them well but the field went under caution when Brian Smith's car encountered trouble and was stopped in turn four. The top three on the lap five restart was Trammell, Rogers and Steve Carr. Trammell pulled away again but each time lapped cars would let Rogers back in the game. A lap 15 caution gave the field a shot at Trammell again. Carr had left the surface giving third up to Travis Fultz on the restart. Once again Trammell's smooth sailing was interrupted by a caution on lap 19 which gave the pack yet another shot to get by. Running in fourth and fifth was Greg Estes and Anthony Burchett. It was more of the same on the restart as before but on lap 28 Rogers was right there. The charge was just too late as Trammell took the checkers.

Tazewell Late Model Results:
1 90J Jason Trammell
2 33 Rick Rogers
3 T0 Travis Fultz
4 31 Greg Estes
5 18 Anthony Burchett
6 73 Ray Jarnigan
7 18 Michael Rutherford
8 24 Allen Holt
9 75 Chris Long
10 G7 Billy Gordon
11 34 Phillip Shockley
12 14 Earl Brimm
13 77 Steve Carr
14 111 J. Allan
15 56J Jody Horton
16 7 Brian Smith
17 XXX Josh Chesney
18 24 Andy Wilder
19 OO7 Matt Shockley
20 21 Brian Howerton
21 97 Keith Chapman
22 31 Darrell Saylor DNS

The Four-Cylinders were next on the track and Allen Holloway grabbed the early lead and drove away until a lap 7 caution flag was displayed due to contact between Hayston Collett and Mark Wallace. Holloway would not be denied his win tonight as he took the checkered flag by four car-lengths over Wallace.

Four Cylinder Results:
1 A27 Allen Holloway
2 1 Mark Wallace
3 B7 Bubby Braden
4 OO7 Hayston Collett
5 69 Ethan Wallace
6 A00 Joey Allen

The final race of the night belonged to the Pure Street drivers and their racing machines. They were led to the green by Clyde Overholt and Jonathan Miracle. Overholt took the point and was driving away until the caution flag was displayed for the 93 car of Dustin Farmer which lost its wheel and stopped in turn two. The top three at the finish were Overholt, Miracle and Jason Long.

Pure Street Results:
1 26 Clyde Overholt
2 41 Johnathan Miracle
3 15 Jason Long
4 12H Travis Helton
5 O7 Tony Spoon
6 15 Apaches Quinton
7 14 Austin Atkins
8 77 John Stevens
9 94 Dustin Eldrige
10 28 Justin James
11 93 Dustin Farmer

Tazewell Speedway awarded the best appearing cars tonight and the winners were: Tazewell Late Models- Travis Fultz. Modified Street- Gary Blanken. Classics- Joe Keck. Pure Street- Austin Atkins. Four Cylinder- Bubby Braden.
The STARS Volunteer Racing Series visits the Speedway on May 7th for the Spring Shootout, a Three-thousand to win event plus racing in all classes. For more information on all things Tazewell Speedway log on to or search for Tazewell Speedway on Facebook.. Thanks to all the race fans that make Tazewell Speedway a success.