May 28, 2011 - On this May night, Tazewell Speedway held the first of many planned special events for the kids. There was fireworks, foot races for bikes where all the kids that ran got a t-shirt and it was also the second night of dollar hotdogs in addition to a full night of fast weekly racing action. Summer appeared to be here right on time with high temperatures awaiting race fans as they entered the gates but as the sun fell so did the temps. The first order of business was getting the track ran in and after that was completed, the hot lap practice sessions began.
The track then qualified the Tazewell Late Models first with Travis Fultz continuing his great year by adding another pole to his 2011 resume with a lap time of 12.376 seconds but Jason Trammell's lap of 12.453 had him looking good for the feature as well. The Modified Street class was next to qualify and only one car was in the 13-second range and that was Gary Blanken with a lap of 13.775 seconds. Next to battle the clock were the Classics and Robbie Sands rocketed to the top spot with his lap of 14.649 seconds.

At 9:00 PM, the track officials were placing the Modified Street cars in order for their feature event. Gary Blanken and Brad Davis made up row one and took the pack hard into turn one. Blanken and Horton sped off with Clyde Overholt and Davis in tow. It was side by side racing all through the pack but Blanken was able to hold off Horton for his third win in a row. The race for third was a close one but in the end it was deemed by track officials that Clyde Overholt had gotten to the line before Brad Davis. Chris Collinsworth finished in the fifth spot.

Modified Street Results
1 5 Gary Blanken
2 56H Jordon Horton
3 4 Clyde Overholt
4 88 Brad Davis
5 77 Chris Collinsworth
6 33 Warren McMahan
7 56 Tony Horton
8 22 Jason Sizemore
9 P21 Robbie Buchanan
10 54 Larry Burke
11 6M R.J. Mayes
12 3 Tim Hatfield
13 20 Scottie Atkins
14 24 Kenneth Holt
15 17 Leonard Bray

The pure street class hot lapped and then it was time to foot-race the kids. The girls ages 6-9 went first and Jayda Woods took the win. Next up were the boys 6-9 race and Trent Carr took that win. The third foot race were the girls 10-12 and Amanda Kuipers took the win in that one. The last foot race were the boys 10-12 with Triston Johnson taking the win. All the winners took home new bikes and all that ran got a Tazewell Speedway t-shirt donated by Tazewell Speedway, TVA Knoxville Credit Union, Petty Wrecker Service of Tazewell, City Smoke Shop of Tazewell and Virgil L. DeFord C.P.A. of Knoxville. In memorial Day activities Jessie Bean and Glen Fee our two oldest veterans that were in attendance were awarded two tickets each to the upcoming Lucas Oil race as thanks for their outstanding service. Mallory Tucker sang America the Beautiful first and then the National Anthem as one car from each class presented our Nations' colors. Also Blaine Caylor and Hailey Sexton led the Pledge of Allegiance.

It was once again time to make the mud fly and this time it would be by the rubber on the Tazewell Late Model cars with Fultz and Trammell making up the first row. On the start Jason Trammell was first into turn one and as the leader had not yet crossed the stripe completing the first lap the nine car of Darrell Saylor was left stalled in turn four after contact and brought out the first yellow creating a complete restart. All cars were able to get back on the track to continue. On that attempted start, the two leaders made contact and both cars were left stopped just out of turn two. The fans were anxious to see who could restart and as it were both continued. Trammell got to turn one first again with Fultz in tow. Bryan Hendrix and Steve Smith began a side by side battle for third. A third caution slowed the pace but soon enough the race was on again. Trammell took the lead again and the pack was still chasing his 90J. Smith was looking low to get the advantage on Hendrix but he was thus far able to stay in third. After another yellow for Billy Gordon's spin in turn two the race restarted yet again. Fultz and Hendrix were losing ground to Trammell and by lap twelve Trammell held nearly a two second lead on Fultz. On lap seventeen another yellow was displayed for Phillip Nichols and Allen Holt who made contact with each other in turn two. Neither driver was able to continue at that point. The field got the green and Hendrix wanted second but couldn't clear. Trammell had a three second lead on Fultz on lap twenty-four. Greg Estes' night ended on lap twenty-seven due to mechanical issues setting up a dash to the checkers that was won by Trammell. Smith and Hendrix went door to door for third with Hendrix getting the spot and Fultz finishing in second. In victory lane Trammell took care of any rivalry issues by saying, "At the start of the race me and Travis got together but it wasn't his fault. I pushed up and we just got together." Trammell went on to thank the fans and wished them all a Happy Memorial Day.

Tazewell Late Model Results
1 90J Jason Trammel
2 T0 Travis Fultz
3 5 Brain Hendrix
4 3 Steve Smith
5 77 Steve Carr
6 56J Jody Horton
7 24 Andy Wilder
8 31 Greg Estes
9 24 Allen Holt
10 14 Earl Brim
11 33 Phillip Nichols
12 73 Ray Jarnigan
13 OO7 Matt Shockley
14 G7 Billy Gordon
15 75 Chris Long
16 9 Darrell Saylor
17 97 Keith Chapman

Pure Street class qualified next with Apaches Quinton grabbing the pole with a lap of 14.578 seconds.

The Classics raced next and Logan Dukes and Robbie Sands led them to green with Sands taking the point. Phillip Shockley nearly grabbed second away from Dukes on lap five but was not able to complete the move. At the front Sands was rolling on away from Dukes and Shockley. Sands took the win after having to hold the field off one last time following a late caution.

Classic Car Results
1 17 Robbie Sands
2 6 Rocky Estes Jr.
3 34 Phillip Shockley
4 4 Tom Conaway
5 2 Ron Rudder
6 59 Charlie Tharp
7 1 Allen Holloway
8 7 Jim Yeary
9 8 Joe Keck

The four cylinders were next on the clay and the race belonged to Chuck McMahan as he won again over Allen Holloway , Mark Wallace and Bubby Braden.

Four Cylinder Results
1 99 Chuck McMahan
2 A27 Allen Holloway
3 1 Mark Wallace
4 B7 Bubby Braden

The final race of the night belonged to the Pure Street class. It was "double-fifteens" on the front row with Apaches Quinon and Jason Long. Aaron Guinn had a good run going until contact left him with a flat. His tough luck was Jonathan Miracles good luck as he moved into third. Guinn would make a strong run back through the pack. The top three had some great racing going until Justin James broke and put fluids down on the track bringing out a yellow. The top three were still Quinton, Long and Miracle on the restart and they finished in that order with J.J. Green and Aaron Guinn rounding out the top five.

Pure Street Results
1 15 Apaches Quinton
2 15 Jason Long
3 41 Johnathan Miracle
4 12 J.J. Green
5 97 Aaron Guinn
6 26 Jason Whitaker
7 14 Austin Atkins
8 5 Jason Saylor
9 28 Justin James
10 94 Dustin Eldrige
11 77X Brandon Calebs
12 38 Jake Rouse

This Friday night Tazewell Speedway welcomes the Lucas Oil Series for a $ 10,000 to win, 75-lap feature sponsored once again by Toyota Knoxville. For more information on this event and all things Tazewell Speedway log on to