June 25, 2011 - Heavy rains fell on Tazewell Speedway last weekend forcing cancellation of the program but June 25th was looking to be all systems go for a night of fast-paced racing action. It was kids night once again with all youngsters 12 years of age and under getting a free hotdog and Coke. Point leaders coming into this week's event included; TLM- Travis Fultz, MS- Warren McMahan, CLS- Robbie Sands, PS- Jonathan Miracle and 4CYL- Allen Holloway.

Tazewell Speedway would be remiss not to mention the many families and businesses that have been affected by wind and flood damage as a result of the week long string of storms. All of us here have each of you in our thoughts and prayers.

After the speedway had filled with fans, workers, drivers and crews it was time to get the action underway with hotlaps and qualifying. The Tazewell Late Models qualified first and Steve Smith took the pole with a lap of 12.350 seconds. Travis Fultz was the second fastest and Jason Trammell was not present and enjoying a vacation with his family. The next to qualify was the Modified Street class and once again the only car in the thirteen second range belonged to Gary Blanken. His lap of 13.899 seconds took the pole. Next on the track to battle the clock were the Classics and Logan Dukes had the fastest lap at 15.029 seconds.

After the now nearly famous candy toss, the racing action began with the Modified Street class. Gary Blanken was looking for his sixth win in a row and had a 100-dollar bounty on him. Coming after him was the points leader Warren McMahan and the rest of the 15-car field. Beside Blanken at the start was Brad Davis needing a good finish. Blanken moved to the front on the start with Davis and Tony Horton in tow. A lap two incident left Robbie Buchanon and Rick Welch on the front stretch with heavy damage. Also involved was Jason Sizemore. At the same time Jordon Horton fell off the pace with rear end issues. The top three on the restart were Blanken, Davis and Tony Horton. McMahan worked on Horton for third as Blanken and Davis were pulling away. By lap twelve Davis was gaining on the leader but he had to push too hard and actually began to lose ground. McMahan and Horton had a good battle for third going until late. Blanken's engine let go on the final lap and he got tagged by Tony Horton who took a run into the smoke and regretted it. Davis got the win. In victory lane Davis said, "I hate that happened to him. I hate to see anyone blow an engine. That's the hardest I have ever driven." Finishing second was Chris Collinsworth and third went to McMahan. Immediately following the conclusion of this one the Pure Street class took to the track for a hot lap session followed by the Four-Cylinder feature.

Modified Street Results
1 88 Brad Davis
2 77 Chris Collinsworth
3 33 Warren McMahan
4 3 Tim Hatfield
5 54 Larry Burke
6 5 Gary Blanken
7 56 Tony Horton
8 4 Clyde Overholt
9 17 Leonard Bray
10 9 David Smith
11 56H Jordon Horton
12 P21 Robbie Buchanon
13 22 Jason Sizemore
14 18 Rick Welch
15 69 Nick Barnard

Allen Holloway and Bubby Braden started on row one with Kurt Owens starting in the rear to attempt his normal Tazewell Speedway drive through the field. By lap three Owens was already in third. Holloway slipped in turn four on lap five and Owens took second. Owens and Braden battled going into turn four and Owens did not come out of the turn but instead found the inside wall after contact with the leader. He did however return for another run at the front. The race resumed and Owens once again started from the rear and began passing cars. At the ten lap mark Owens was third again. Braden had the lead and Holloway was second. On lap eleven Owens moved around Holloway but Braden held Owens off and took the win. Finishing second was Owens and Holloway took third. Hayston Collett and Ethan Hansard rounded out the top five.

Four Cylinder Results
1 B7 Bubby Braden
2 7Up Kurt Owens
3 A27 Allen Holloway
4 OO7 Hayston Collett
5 22 Ethan Hansard
6 1 Mark Wallace

After the Four-Cylinder feature was completed the Pure Street Class qualified and Jonathan Miracle took the pole with a lap of 14.846 seconds. The Tazewell Late Model feature followed and Steve Smith started from the top spot with points leader Travis Fultz alongside. The top two got away with Brian Smith just behind. The pace became crazy as the leaders hit lap traffic. Steve Smith drove through the lap traffic efficiently but had a flat left front during the first caution sending him into the pits for repairs. Brian Smith took over the top spot while Fultz had to go to the rear due to having problems also. Greg Estes was now second and Steve Carr was third. Steve Smith got his flat fixed and rejoined at the rear of the lead lap cars. On lap fifteen Steve Smith went up in smoke and Greg Estes made contact with the wall in turn one nearly simultaneously. Only seconds later the red flag was displayed for an incident in turn four involving track official Buster Cupp. Cupp said he was alright but was taken to Claiborne Hospital for an additional and precautionary check up. It was later spoken over the public address system that Cupp was sore but had checked out ok. When the race resumed Brian Smith pulled away with Steve Carr and Anthony Burchett behind him. Burchett's car was smoking heavily and it was uncertain if his ride would complete the race. On lap nineteen another caution flag was displayed this time for a five car pile-up in turn four leaving tempers a bit on edge to say the least. After a bit of an altercation the race resumed on lap 19 with Brian Smith still the leader. Carr closed in and challenged Smith for the lead but Smith powered away to secure the win. It was Smith's second win in a row. Carr grabbed second and Anthony Burchett finished third. Fourth went to Fultz and Josh Chesney finished fifth.

Tazewell Late Model Results
1 7 Brian Smith
2 77 Steve Carr
3 18 Anthony Burchett
4 T0 Travis Fultz
5 XXX Josh Chesney
6 31 Greg Estes
7 33 Phillip Nichols
8 75 Chris Long
9 24 Allen Holt
10 111 J. Allen
11 44 Jordan Horton
12 O7 Jimmy Calloway
13 24 Andy Wilder
14 3 Steve Smith
15 18 Michael Rutherford
16 14 Earl Brimm
17 22 Matthew Holt

Next to race was the Classics and this race was somewhat tamer when it finally got underway but before the start two Classic competitors let their emotions show and the field had to be reassembled. Joe Keck and Logan Dukes were racing hard up front with Dukes looking to take the point away. On lap nine the leaders touched but they kept their spots. Dukes cleared the Keck machine on lap fifteen but not without contact and sparks. Jim Yeary made a move that got him into the top five and nearly grabbed fourth at the finish. Dukes got the win. Keck took second and Charlie Tharp took home third. Conaway held off Yeary for fourth.

Classic Car Results
1 6 Logan Dukes
2 8 Joe Keck
3 59 Charlie Tharp
4 4 Tom Conaway
5 7 Jim Yeary
6 1 Darius Breeding

The final race of the night was the Pure Street feature and it was won by Appaches Quinton in a thrilling but somewhat controversial way. Jonathan Miracle looked to have the checkered flag in his grasp but after the contact and smoke had cleared it was Quinton holding the flag. Miracle finished second and Jason Long got third. Travis Helton and Jason Whitaker rounded out the top five.

Pure Street Results
1 15 Appaches Quinton
2 41 Johnathan Miracle
3 15 Jason Long
4 12H Travis Helton
5 26 Jason Whitaker
6 28 Justin James
7 97 Aaron Guinn
8 94 Dustin Eldrige
9 93 Dustin Farmer
10 42 Jack England
11 77X T.J. Knuckles
12 14 Austin Atkins
13 17 Tim Stevens

On July second and third the World of Outlaw dirt-car series will take over the Taz for a two-night show ending on Sunday night with the 101-lap Summer Sizzler. This is the biggest race ever at Tazewell Speedway with the winner grabbing a cool $ 20,000 check. There will be fireworks both on and off the track.