Sunday, July 3rd - The first action on the track to greet the fans was the Tazewell Late Model qualifications and taking the pole tonight was Jason with a lap of 11.937 seconds. The Classics were next to qualify and the pole winning time belonged to Robbie Sands with his lap of 14.465 seconds.

The World of Outlaws then rolled through the upper pit entrance and onto the speedway's high banks for the consolation race. It was the last chance to enter the field for tonight's feature race for many drivers. The race got underway with Tim Fuller charging out to the front and he was able to dodge an early mishap and take the win. The top four transferred to the feature; Steve Smith, Tim Fuller, Pat Doar and Ross White.

After the WoO hot-lapped the cars already in the field the Tazewell Late Models lined up for their consolation race. The race was started but had to be stopped when contact on the track left Andy Wilder riding the wall and then through it in turn one. Wilder came out of his car quickly and was thankfully unhurt. The race resumed but once again was stopped when Allen Holt was hit in the drivers door in yet another scary incident. This one ended the Tazewell Late Model consolation as the remaining cars were transferred directly into their feature.

The WoO late models took to the track next for the Summer Sizzler 101 with Chris Madden and Eric Jacobsen making up row one. On the wave of the green flag Madden drove out but quickly began approaching lapped cars. Jacobsen followed him surgically around the Taz and was using some of the same holes to navigate through. Jonathan Davenport was in third place with Shane Clanton just behind in fourth. On lap thirty-four Steve Smith moved down after getting the layover flag but did not know Madden was already committed to that line. It was one of those racing deals that left a good car damaged slightly but still able to return. Smith however had to leave the field. The top three were once again Madden, Jacobsen and Davenport on the lap thirty-four restart. Jacobsen got close on lap forty-four but at lap fifty lapped traffic began to slow all the lead cars down. The top three were nose to tail and nearly touching at that point. Madden tapped the Fuller on lap fifty-five to let him know he was there but by lap sixty had still not got around.

On lap sixty-three Davenport had caught Jacobsen who had slipped but Davenport too had trouble getting around. On lap seventy-one the leader cleared Tim Fuller on the high side in turns three and four but the second caution flag quickly followed. The Caution was for Austin Hubbard who had to leave the race. Top five now was Madden, Jacobsen, Davenport, Lanigan and Vic Hill. On lap seventy-eight the leader trying to put cars down a lap became dangerous as cars were all over the tracks surface hunting for traction. The lap seventy-eight restart had the same top five with Josh Richards and Rick Eckert behind them. On lap eighty-one another yellow was displayed this time for the Vic Coffey with a flat right rear. On a lap eighty-three caution Lanigan also left for a flat right rear moving Hill into fourth and the Richards into fifth.

By lap eighty-seven the leaders found the back of the field again and the pace was crazy until a caution flag again fell slowing the pace down and calling for yet another restart with the top three still unchanged. On each restart Jacobsen had made it interesting and bothersome for Madden but just could not get around. Vic Hill was next to fall off the pace moving Rick Eckert into the top five on lap ninety-one. On lap ninety-eight the leader once again avoided disaster provided by means of lapped cars but came out safe and sound. Eckert had moved into fourth on the last restart and was in position to make a push for the win if things fell right for him. The top three were still Madden, Jacobsen and Clanton. Madden went on to take the dominating win while Davenport's great ride netted him second and Jacobsen third. Madden spoke in victory lane, "I want to thank all the fans in the stands up there, without you none of us would be able to do what we all love to do."

World of Outlaws Late Model Series Results
1 44M Chris Madden
2 49 Jonathan Davenport
3 5 Eric Jacobsen
4 24 Rick Eckert
5 39 Tim McCreadie
6 25 Shane Clanton
7 4T Tommy Kerr
8 44 Clint Smith
9 4 Mark Vineyard
10 1 Chub Frank
11 19H Austin Hubbard
12 19 Tim Fuller
13 86 Jeff Neubert
14 29 Darrell Lanigan
15 32C Vic Coffey
16 1 Josh Richards
17 71d Ron Davies
18 1H Vic Hill
19 3 Steve Smith
20 1L John Lobb
21 11d Pat Doar
22 0 Ross White
23 28 Jeff Wolfenbarger
24 14 Terry Wolfenbarger

The Tazewell Late Models were next and the front row was made up of Jason Trammell and Steve Smith. If last weeks winner Brian smith was going to get it done this week he would have to do it out of the third row. Trammel went to the lead with Smith in second and Fultz third. Anthony Burchett was fourth and Greg Estes fifth. Burchett wanted more and put a nose under Fultz but could not get the third spot. On lap fourteen a caution flag fell for Brian Smith who stopped in turn two after contact with Estes. The top five was Trammell, Steve Smith, Fultz, Burchett and Brian Smith due to the fact that Estes had began to spin when the contact was made. On lap twenty the caution flag was displayed when Burchett slowed and came into the pits after touching the outside wall. The top three was now Trammell, Steve Smith, Fultz with Estes and B. Smith rounding out top five. Burchett was able to continue but was not as effective as before. Trammell took the win, his third of the year but was protested and was torn down. Trammell and Smith were both found to be illegal. The win goes to Travis Fultz.

Tazewell Late Model Results
1 T0 Travis Fultz
2 31 Greg Estes
3 7 Brain Smith
4 77 Steve Carr
5 07 Jason Cardwell
6 71C Mack McCarter
7 25 Scott Gardner
8 B00 Josh Henry
9 2 Danny Yoder
10 O5 Gary Blanken
11 32 Herman Radke
12 79C Marty Calloway
13 33 Phillip Nichols
14 XXX Josh Chesney
15 18 Anthony Burchett
16 47 Brad Hall
17 00 Ruben Mayfield
18 07 Jimmy Calloway
19 97 Keith Chapman
20 24 Allen Holt
21 54 Bo Smith
22 14 Earl Brimm
23 24 Andy Wilder
24 66 Adam Beeler
25 5 Matt Tharp
DQ 90J Jason Trammel
DQ 3 Steve Smith

The final race of the night was the Classics and Robbie "The Rocket" Sands took the win over Jay Eubanks and Joe Keck. Jim Yeary, Daris Braden and Ron Rudder finished out the field.

Tazewell Speedway will not be running this Saturday night, July 9th but will have another weekly racing program on July 16th and the following week, July 23rd the speedway will be visited once again by Ray Cook's Southern Nationals. Tazewell Speedway thanks all of its drivers, crews and fans for supporting the track as always.