August 13, 2011 - On a hot and muggy evening Tazewell Speedway opened its gates up for another great weekly racing program. Before the racing action began the drivers hot-lapped and then qualified their cars. Pole winners included:

Tazewell Late Model- (91) Jason Trammell 11.730
Modified Street- (88) Brad Davis 13.156
Classics- (17) Robbie Sands 13.895
Pure street- (2) Steve Smith. 14.453

The first feature race of the night was the Four-Cylinder class. On the front row was Hayston Collett and Allen Holloway. Holloway grabbed a short lived lead as Joey Allen quickly took the point away. Allen, Holloway and Bubby Braden settled into the top three spots. Holloway and Braden raced hard for second but Allen was fast enough to get the win. Finishing out the top five spots were Holloway, Braden, Collett and Jeremy Collins.

Four Cylinder Results
1 A00 Joey Allen
2 A27 Allen Holloway
3 B7 Bubby Braden
4 OO7 Hayston Collett
5 44J Jeremy Collins
6 52 Daris Braden
7 49 Rex Gosnell

The Classics were next and Robbie Sands led the field to the green flag. His car was extremely fast tonight but the field looked to be up to the challenge. Jay Eubanks ran off with Sands early on as the field began to settle in. Eubanks had a good run on Sands on lap nine but a spin in turn two brought out the yellow. On the restart the front two got away from Joe Keck who was running in the third spot. Keck and Logan Dukes also battled hard for the third spot until the 18 of Eli Keck had problems in turn two and the caution flag flew again. On lap twelve Keck got tagged and the "big one happened" as several cars made contact. Also involved was Charlie Tharpe and Jim Yeary. Only five cars were left to restart. Sands rolled on away from Phillip Shockley and took the win. With only four cars on the track at the conclusion, third place went to Tom Conoway and in fourth was Joe Keck. Logan Dukes rounded out the top five.

Classic Car Results
1 17 Robbie Sands
2 34 Phillip Shockley
3 4 Tom Conoway
4 8 Joe Keck
5 20 Logan Dukes
6 7 Jim Yeary
7 59 Charlie Tharpe
8 3 Jay Eubanks
9 18 Eli Keck

The Tazewell Late Models were next and once again everyone was gunning for the ultra-fast Jason Trammell. He had Steve Smith's Rayburn alongside him as the race went green. Trammell had all he wanted as a determined Smith went door to door with him but Trammell prevailed this time. A caution flag flew for Andy Wilder and his mechanical problem and gave Smith another shot at Trammell. Smith cleared Trammel this time and was actually pulling away from him until the caution flag flew for a spin. Eyes were now focused on Brad Hall as he found traction on the low side; however, on lap seven he was the victim of mechanical issues himself and pulled off the track as well as Jordon Horton. The top three were Smith, Trammell and Brian Smith. On lap twelve Trammell began closing in but by lap twenty they were both deep in lapped cars. Smith navigated the traffic well and kept Trammell at his rear. The race was slowed again on lap twenty-six for Jody Horton as he had trouble coming out of turn two. Horton was able to rejoin the race for the restart of lap twenty-six. Smith and the field got one lap in before fluids were dropped on the surface bringing out another yellow flag. Jody Horton's night was over this time and he pulled his dirt late model into the pits. Smith was nearing the end of the race and all he had to do was keep Trammell behind him. He did just that and took a very popular win with the fans in the stands cheering. Trammell grabbed second with Brian Smith finishing in the third spot. Rounding out the top five spots were Travis Fultz and J. Allen.

Tazewell Late Model Results
1 3 Steve Smith
2 90J Jason Trammell
3 7 Brian Smith
4 T0 Travis Fultz
5 111 J. Allen
6 XXX Josh Chesney
7 O7 Jimmy Calloway
8 35 Matt Tharpe
9 24 Allen Holt
10 75 Chris Long
11 54 Blake Smith
12 56J Jody Horton
13 11 Anthony Arnwine
14 11J Jordan Horton
15 47 Brad Hall
16 51 David Guy
17 97 Keith Chapman
18 11 Andy Wilder
19 22 Matthew Holt
20 31 Greg Estes
21 18 Michael Rutherford

Brad Davis and Rick Welch led the Modified Street class to the green flag. Davis took the lead but the race went yellow when Tony Horton was pinballed into the outside wall of turn three. Clyde Overholt also got some damage but rejoined for the restart. The field was reassembled and restarted without a lap being completed again when Gary Blanken was turned coming off turn four and Nick Barnard got a peice of it as well as a few other cars. The field was again sent off racing by Bruce Caylor and this time they went two laps before the caution flag had to be displayed. This time Jordon Horton spun in turn four after trying a move for position on the low side. Davis was now at the point and Welch had dropped back to fifth. Clyde Overholt was in second with Blanken third. Soon Warren McMahan bumped his machine into the third spot while Overholt was in second and looking for an opening should Davis slip. McMahan my have been faster than Overholt but he needed the line he was running to get around. Davis took the win with Overholt securing second. McMahan finished third with Blanken and Welch finishing out the top five.

Modified Street Results
1 88 Brad Davis
2 4 Clyde Overholt
3 33 Warren McMahan
4 5 Gary Blanken
5 18 Rick Welch
6 P21 Robbie Buchanan
7 77 Chris Collinsworth
8 17 Leonard Bray
9 54 Larry Burke
10 20 Scottie Adkins
11 56H Jordan Horton
12 69 Nick Barnard
13 22 Jason Sizemore
14 56 Tony Horton

The final event of the night was the Pure Street class. On the front row was Jason Long and Steve Smith. Smith got the lead on the start but Long was holding his own in second. Kevin Smith moved into third with Jonathan miracle and JJ Green rounding out the top five when Mike Boyd had a problem and slowed on lap four. Boyd was able to rejoin for now as the race was restarted but Dustin Eldridge was sent pit side for dropping fluids on the surface but was quickly cleared to return for more action. No laps were completed before another caution was displayed for an incident on the back stretch. On this restart the racing was excellent but soon Green fell back and Jonathan Miracle had issues with another car and went to the rear. The top three were Smith, Long and Kevin Smith. On lap fourteen the Dodge truck of Jason whitaker came to a stop in turn two and had to go pit side; his night was over. Back at the front it was still Steve Smith, Jason Long and now Aaron Guinn in position for the win. With his hood coming up and saluting the fans Steve Smith got the win over Jason Long and Aaron guinn. Dustin Eldridge made it back to fourth and Austin Atkins had a great run and finished fifth.

Pure Street Results
1 2 Steve Smith
2 15 Jason Long
3 97 Aaron Guinn
4 94 Dustin Eldrige
5 14 Austin Atkins
6 41 Johnathan Miracle
7 58 Kevin Smith
8 O7 Tony Spoon
9 26 Jason Whitaker
10 39 Johnny Miller
11 28 Justin James
12 12 J.J. Green
13 5 Jason Saylor
14 3 Michael Boyd
15 27 Gary Harvile
16 R2 Brain Osban
17 11 David Middleton
18 15 Appaches Quinton

Tazewell Speedway will have one more regular weekly racing program on Saturday, August 20th before welcoming Kenny Schrader back to the high banks on Friday, August 26th. For information on all things Tazewell Speedway log on to or check out the Tazewell Speedway Facebook page. As always, Tazewell Speedway would like to thank the best race fans in all of dirt racing for their continued support.