May 5, 2012 - After the World of Outlaws came to town for their only appearance of the 2011 season, Tazewell Speedway returned to regular racing action on May 5th with a program featuring the Tazewell Late Models, Modified Street, Pure Street, Classics, and 4 Cylinders.

The evening began with action in the 4 Cylinder class. Kurt Owens took the lead on lap 2 and never looked back. The event drew one caution for Hayston Collett on lap 10. However, Owens rocketed into a big lead on the restart, leading the last 5 laps, en route to his victory in the 15 lap feature.

Four Cylinder Results:
1. 7UP – Kurt Owens
2. B7 – Bubby Braden
3. A27 – Allen Holloway
4. 1 – Mark Wallace
5. 20 – Shane Taylor
6. 13 – John Collett
7. 72 –Rufus Collett
8. 007 – Hayston Collett

Up next on the lineup was the Modified Street class. Jason Sizemore set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 13.228 seconds, and continued his dominance into the feature. He grabbed the lead on the start, but was never able to pull away from the field. After losing a little ground, Clyde Overholt made up time and rode Sizemore’s bumper to make things interesting. However, Overholt was unable to do anything with Sizemore after catching him and Sizemore took the win leading flag to flag in the caution free, 20 lap event.

Modified Street Results:
1. 44C – Jason Sizemore
2. 4 – Clyde Overholt
3. 56 – Tony Horton
4. 56H – Jordan Horton
5. P21 – Robbie Buchanan
6. 54 – Larry Burke
7. 20 – Scottie Adkins

The Tazewell Late Models took to the high banks as the 3rd feature of the night. Steve Smith set fast time at 11.870 seconds, but was unable to take advantage on the start. Jason Trammell pulled into the lead into turn one from the bottom of row one. A multi-car crash occurred going into turn one involving Allen Holt, Matthew Holt, and Matt Tharp. Two other cautions for debris slowed the event leading to the final caution of the event on lap 21 for Steve Smith stopping in turn two. The last nine laps took Trammell to victory lane leading the 30 lap event flag to flag.

Tazewell Late Model Results:
1. 90J – Jason Trammell
2. 56J – Jody Horton
3. 111 – J. Allan
4. 75 – Chris Long
5. 35 – Matt Tharp
6. 24 – Andy Wilder
7. 24 – Allen Holt
8. 22 – Matthew Holt
9. 3 – Steve Smith
10. 33 – Phillip Nichols
11. 77 – Jimmy Calloway
12. 21 – Bryan Howerton
13. 18 – Michael Rutherford
14. 34V – Jason Varner
15. 97 – Keith Chapman

The Classic cars were the fourth event to take to the track. Sands set fast time in qualifying at 14.286 seconds. The event was slowed by 5 cautions, the most major being on the first lap when Daris Braden lost a wheel on the first lap. The events final caution drew on lap 16, setting up for a four lap shootout. However, Phillip Shockley was unable to make a move allowing Robbie Sands to claim his fourth victory in a row for 2012.

Classic Car Results:
1. 17 – Robbie Sands
2. 34 – Phillip Shockley
3. 28 – Adam Engel
4. 20 – Charlie Tharp
5. 18 – Eli Keck
6. 59 – Shawn Walton
7. 1 – Shane Lockhart
8. 7 – Joe Keck
9. 8 – Daris Braden
10. 3 – Jason Beeler
11. 11 – Allen Holloway

The final feature to hit the speedway for the night was the Pure Street class. J.J. Green set fast time with a lap of 14.866 to start on the pole. Green grabbed the lead on the first lap. Johnny Miller spun the 39 on lap 5 to draw the event’s first yellow, and the final yellow drew on lap 9 for oil on the track from the 42 of Jack England. Jason Long and Johnathan Miracle battled hard, but were unable to pass Green as he claimed his first ever Tazewell Speedway victory leading flag to flag, and blowing a motor after taking the checkered flag.

Pure Street Results:
1. 12 – J.J. Green
2. 15 – Jason Long
3. 41 – Johnathan Miracle
4. 39 – Johnny Miller
5. 94 – Dustin Eldridge
6. XXX – Josh Chesney
7. B2 – Bo Smith
8. 42 – Jack England
DNS – 17 – Tim Stevens

Tazewell Speedway track owner Gary Hall would once again like to thank each and every fan for their awesome support in creating the largest crowd in history for the WoO event on April 28th, and for their continued support. Join Tazewell Speedway again next Saturday night, May 12th, for another edition of the Tazewell Speedway weekly racing program featuring the Tazewell Late Models, Modified Street, Pure Street, Classics, and 4 Cylinders.