June 30, 2012 - On a record setting, triple digit, scorching summer day, the American Modified Series rolled into town for their 1st of 2 appearances scheduled for the 2012 season. Along with them, The Southern Mod Lite Racing Series made their 1st ever appearance to the high banked oval. Modified Street, Pure Street, Classics, and 4 Cylinders also competed in the night's agenda.

Things kicked off with heat races for the Southern Mod Lites and The American Modifieds. The Mod Lites held 2 heat races, with Shannon Buckingham and Carl Lovelace taking the wins. The American Modifieds competed in 3 heat races, with Tommy Bailey, Donnie Adams, and Nick Stroupe taking the wins.

4 Cylinders ran first on the agenda. Kurt Owens started 6th, and by the end of lap 1, brought the 7UP machine up to 2nd. A caution would slow the event with 1 lap in the books. On the restart, Owens took the lead from Bubby Braden going into turn 1. He would continue, and lead the remainder of the event to win.

Four Cylinder Results
1. 7UP - Kurt Owens
2. B7 - Bubby Braden
3. 007 - Hayston Collett
4. 13 - John Collett
5. 72 - Rufus Collett
6. 38 - James Collett Jr.

Jordan Horton set fast time in qualifying to claim the pole of the 14 car field for Modified Street. However, things in the race would get very wild. Several cautions would prevent the race from getting underway, before a spin by David Clark would eventually collect several cars, forcing race director Rick Brooks to call for single file restarts. On lap 7, David Clark's night would come to an end as he would hit the turn 2 wall, and collect Robbie Buchanan. Meanwhile, Jordan Horton, Warren McMahan, and Tony Horton would race bumper-to-bumper for the lead, but Jordan was able to hold on for yet another win in 2012.

Modified Street Results
1. 56H - Jordan Horton
2. 33 - Warren McMahan
3. 56 - Tony Horton
4. 88 - Brad Davis
5. 4 - Clyde Overholt
6. 20 - Scottie Atkins
7. 14 - Austin Atkins
8. 21K - Larry Burke
9. 5 - Gary Blanken
10. 1 - David Clark
11. P21 - Robbie Buchanan
12. 44C - Jason Sizemore
13. 31 - Greg Estes
1 - Scott Johnson

The Mod Lites rolled to the track next for their feature. Carl Lovelace led the 1st couple of laps, before Shannon Buckingham took over the top spot. John Stout spun his #13 on lap 9, and was relegated to the rear, but his night wasn't over. After a restart with 6 laps to go, something broke on Buckingham's car, causing him to crash into the turn 1 fence and out of the race lead. In the last 5 laps, John Stout, who spun on lap 9, rallied back using the high side of the track to win the 20 lap feature over Eddie Rowland and Carl Lovelace.

Southern Mod Lite Racing Series Results
1. 13 - John Stout
2. 23 - Eddie Rowland
3. 7X - Carl Lovelace
4. 65 - Josh Pugh
5. 7T - KD Knoedler
6. K33 - Kelli Barnes
7. 9B - Shannon Buckingham
8. 1 - David Appleby
2 - Ron Dodson
12A - Alan VanWhy

The American Modified Series rolled to the track for their 40 lap, $3,000 to win affair. 2nd place starter Donnie Adams had starter problems, relegating point leader Trent Young to the front row for the start. Tommy Bailey took the lead over Trent Young going into turn 1. After a lap 2 yellow, Trent Young was able to take the lead over from Bailey. The race began to heat up before a bad crash in turn 4 changed everything. Bryan Barber made a move on Trent Young for the lead, but made contact with Tyler James, and collecting Joey Kramer, Jimmy Payne, Clayton Miller, and Shon Flanary. This left Trent Young leading over Bailey and Brad Hall. As the race progressed, Young and Bailey would pull away from Hall to make it a 2 car race. However, Bailey was unable to handle Young, and Young took the win, becoming the 1st repeat winner of the 2012 season.

American Modified Series Results
1. 10Y - Trent Young
2. 17J - Tommy Bailey
3. 47 - Brad Hall
4. 15 - Clayton Miller
5. 36 - Billy Palmer
6. 67 - Rocky Wilson
7. 15 - Jeff Hamby Jr.
8. 117 - Dustin Isom
9. 77 - Joey Kramer
10. 10 - Bryan Barber
11. 45 - Nick Stroupe
12. 155 - Jimmy Payne
13. 98 - Shon Flanary
14. 420 - Tyler James
15. 51 - Mack McCarter
16. 4 - Ricky Arms
17. 2012 - Don Adams
18. T92 - Ricky Tinch
19. 14 - Kurt Owens
20. 1S - Keith Smith

Classic car action came to the speedway next to produce some wild action as well. Charlie Tharp and Joe Keck got things heated right off the bat by bumping and banging. Keck would assume the lead, and Adam Engel would take over second. Engel finally took his shot at the lead on Keck, but spun to bring out the yellow on lap 17. On the restart, Tharp would make contact with Keck, resulting in both cars spinning and both going to the rear. Bart Baxter assumed the lead. Bart led the last 3 laps, and went on to win over Engel and Eli Keck.

Classic Car Results
1. 7 - Bart Baxter
2. 28 - Adam Engel
3. 18 - Eli Keck
4. 1- Shane Lockhart
5. 8 - Joe Keck
6. 20 - Charlie Tharp

Pure Street was the final event of the night. Jonathan Miracle got out front of the field, and led the entire event to bring his #41 machine to victory lane. Buster Cupp would bring the 28 home in 2nd, with J.J. Green finishing 3rd.

Pure Street Results
1. 41 - Jonathan Miracle
2. 28 - Buster Cupp
3. 12 - J.J. Green
4. 94 - Dustin Eldridge
5. 1 - Josh Chesney
6. 18 - Junior Cody
7 - Larry Moore

Gary Hall and company would like to thank all the fans and drivers for making Tazewell Speedway a huge success. Don't forget our Independence Day special on Tuesday, July 3rd, with the Tazewell Late Models going head to head for a 50 lap, $3,000 to win feature. Modified Street will compete in a $1,000 to win feature. Classics and Pure Street will compete in $300 to win features. Admission prices will be $15 for the grandstands, with pit admission being $30.