August 18, 2012 - Another Saturday night on the high banks arrived with a fast track and fast drivers. A full program was set to tame the “bad fast Taz” with the addition of open wheel modifieds. Crisp fall-like air would not deter a large crowd of fans or the number of drivers on hand.

Track prep was complete, hot laps were ran with several drivers looking exceptionally fast. Qualifying was next with all drivers hoping to be the fastest. Steve Smith, turning an 11.946 second lap, took the honors in the Tazewell Late Models. Brad Davis, the fastest modified street during time trials, had a 13.327 second lap. In open wheel modified, Stanley Donahoo took the top spot with a 12.652 second lap. Four cylinders would get a chance to qualify this week, and Wayne Hopson would claim the honor with a 14.952 second lap. Pure street was last to qualify with Jason Saylor flying around the track for a 14.892 second lap.

James Collett and Jeremy Collins were winners of good fortune after a four car invert led the four cylinders to the green flag. Collett, on the inside, paced the field and set to be the trigger man. On the start, Collett jumped to the point with Bubby Braden following in second spot. Wayne Hopson began to apply pressure to Braden as the top three distanced themselves. Collett looked to capitalize on the duel for second by furthering his lead on the field. James Collett lead flag to flag with Braden and Hopson taking home second and third.

Four-Cylinder Results:
1 38 James Collett Jr
2 B7 Bubby Braden
3 H2 Wayne Hopson
4 44J Jeromy Collins
5 21 Chris Reichert
6 72 Rufus Collett
7 99 Chuck McMahan DNS

In modified Street, a zero being drawn on the inversion lined up the field with fast qualifiers, Brad Davis and Gary Blanken on the front row. The green flag waved, gas petals were to the floor, and Blanken would win the always important battle in turn one. Davis and the rest of the pack ran nose to tail until lap four when a multiple car pile up in turn two stopped the action momentarily. On the restart, Blanken too the lead as Davis found the turn three wall. Robbie Buchanan would inherit second place doing his best to hold off Warren McMahan as the laps ticked away. A three way battle for second, as Jordan Horton added his machine into the mix, brought the grand stand crowd to their feet. McMahan took over second coming off turn two. Buchanan joined the end of the lead lap after spinning. Blanken was still in the hot seat with McMahan in pursuit when they took the checkered flag bumper to bumper. Jordan Horton, Robbie Buchanan, and David Clark would round out the top five.

Modified Street Results:
1 5 Gary Blanken
2 33 Warren McMahan
3 56H Jordan Horton
4 P21 Robbie Buchanan
5 1 David Clark
6 55 Howie Sturgill
7 88 Brad Davis
8 14 Clyde Overholt
9 44C Jason Sizemore
10 56 Tony Horton

Fast qualifier wasn’t the position to have if you were a Tazewell Late model driver this week. A four drawn on the inversion flipped the front two rows. Heath Alvey and Keith Chapman started the point. Thirteen cars made up the stellar field and it could have been anyone’s night. Alvey took the lead as the battle for second would fall to Steve Smith and Jason Trammel. The duo found themselves first and second as Alvey slowed and brought out caution to a awfully fast group of late models. A single file restart grouped up the field with Smith and Trammel running door to door for an entire lap. Trammell executed a perfect pass on the veteran, Smith. Greg Estes, looking for his chance at Smith, took over third from Jody Horton. Trammell threaded the needle by going between two cars to extend his already sizable lead. Caution on lap 24 set up a six lap shoot out to the finish. Trammell took the command on the restart and never looked back or slowed down until he pulled in to victory lane. A protest was raised against Trammell’s machine post race. He was found to be completely legal. Steve Smith, Greg Estes, Jody Horton, and Keith Chapman would round out the top five.

Tazewell Late Model Results:
1 90J Jason Trammell
2 3 Steve Smith
3 31 Greg Estes
4 56J Jody Horton
5 97 Keith Chapman
6 18 Michael Rutherford
7 111 J. Allen
8 2 Donnie Cameron
9 24 Andy Wilder
10 77 Jimmy Calloway
11 34 Phillip Shockley
12 7 Heath Alvey
13 21 Brian Howerton
22 Matthew Holt DNS
9 Darryl Saylor DNS

A fun treat, open wheel modifieds, took their turn on the high banks of the Taz. Stanley Donahoo found his way to the point on the start. By the half way mark of the twenty lap feature, Donahoo’s dominance was beginning to show with a half track lead over second, Nick Stroop. Leading flag to flag on cruise control, Donahoo put his 00 machine in the winner’s circle. Tyler James, Wayne James, and Chris Long would round out the top five.

Open Wheel Modified Results:
1 0O Stanley Donahoo
2 45 Nick Stroop
3 420 Tyler James
4 4 Wayne James
5 75 Chris Long
6 K5 Blake Kelley

Pure Street rounded out the night with their twenty lap feature. Buster Cupp and Jason Saylor shared row one as the field came to the green flag. Cupp put his machine into the lead, but not without pressure from behind. The field would slow for a runaway tire. Cupp, once again, showed the way on the restart as Aaron Guinn and Jason Saylor battled for second. Johnathan Miracle put his hat in the ring while looking for his chance at a top three spot. Buster Cupp took the checkered flag and added another win to his 2012 season. Jason Saylor, Aaron Guinn, Johnathan Miracle, and Dustin Eldrige would finish the top five spots.

Pure Street Results:
1 28 Buster Cupp
2 5 Jason Saylor
3 97 Aaron Guinn
4 41 Johnathan Miracle
5 94 Dustin Eldrige
6 12 J.J. Greene
7 97 Bo Hall
8 11 Tim Stevens
9 O1 Luke Sharp
10 27 Gary Harville
11 7 Larry Moore
12 39 Johnny Miller

Next week’s race will be on Friday, August 24, 2012. It will include a 35 lap, $1500 to win, limited late model feature. All other classes will be racing and standard admission rates apply. Also, another kid’s night will be sponsored by Petty’s Wrecker Service and Tazewell Speedway.