May 25, 2013 - After switching gears and running a Tuesday night edition of racing at the Bad Fast Tazewell Speedway the faithful fans and drivers once again filled the stands and pits to kick off the Memorial Day weekend. The track also held a special Kids Nights with foot races and candy toss for the young ones on hand.
Gary Blanken of Morristown would set fast time in Modified Street and share the front row of the feature with former champion Tony Horton of Sneedville. As the field navigated an uncharactaristically slick track Blanken would take the early lead followed by Horton, Warren McMahan, Clyde Overholt and David Clark. Clark's car bellowed smoke on lap three bringing out the caution and ending his night early. On the restart McMahan would take second away from Horton. On the ensuing lap McMahan would start pressuring Blanken and slip into the lead on the front stretch. On lap nine Blanken's car slowed giving second back to Horton. McMahan would lead the rest of the way to score his third win of the season in the Jabo's Pharmacy, Dandridge Service Station & Garage, Derrick Whitson Attorney at Law sponsored Chevy Monte Carlo

Modified Stree
1. 33 Warren McMahan
2. 56 Tony Horton
3. P21 Robbie Buchanan
4. 4 Clyde Overholt
5. 88 Brad Davis
6. 52 Michael Boyd
7. 54 Larry Burke
8. 55 Howie Sturgill
9. 5 Gary Blanken
10. 1 David Clark

4 Cylinders were up next for their fifteen lap feature with former track champion Bubby Braden and Chad Manning on the front row. Manning jumped out to the early lead with Randy Dykes, Braden, Jeromy Collins and Hayston Collett in tow. Dyke and Manning battled door to door on the first few circuits. As they did Chuck McMahan, who started ninth, started creeping his way up through the field. Manning would spin on his own on lap eight moving McMahan into second. McMahan would lead the rest of the way for his fifth win in a row in the Round Boy Motorsports, Lowes Auto Parts, Jim Ford Automotive Ford Mustang. In Victory Lane McMahan dedicated the win to Buster Cardwell an east Tennessee racing veteran who succumbed to a battle with cancer earlier in the week.

4 Cylinder
1. 99 Chuck Mcmahan
2. 111 Randy Dyke
3. B7 Bubby Braden
4. 72 Rufus Collett
5. 19 Travis Dawson
6. 40 Chris Evans
7. 007 Hayston Collett
8. 14 Chad Manning
9. 2A Austin Fancher
10. 44J Jeromy Collins
11. 1 Jason Turner

Fourteen Sportsman cars were on hand to compete in their twenty lap feature. Heath Alvey of Dandridge would set fast time with a lap of 13.346 seconds with former Modified Street champion Jordon Horton qaulifying second. Alvey, who had a win disqualified earlier in the season, took the lead on the first lap followed by Keith Chapman, Horton, Justin Beeler and Ryan Carey. Horton and Chapman battled for the second spot in the early going but Horton would spin on his own on lap fifteen. Up front Alvey would go unchallenged to become the fifth different Sportsman winner of the season in the Mona Vie, Tinsley Bible Drug Company, Sammy's Auto Parts, Elite Dental sponsored Warrior Race car.


1. 7 Heath Alvey
2. 97 Keith Chapman
3. 01 Jerry Hux
4. 56H Jordon Horton
5. 88 Billy Gordon
6. 2C Ryan Coppock
7. J7 Tony Horton
8. 8 Larry Moore
9. 25 Justin Beeler
10. 555 Ryan Carey
11. XXX Josh Chesney
12. 46 Derrick Shockley
13. 29 Chris Raines
14. 9 Darrell Saylor

During a brief intermission it was time for the kids to show off their racing skills with foot races on the front stretch. Haley Sexton, John Bingham, Candace Holcomb and Dakotah Williams were the winners. Each of them took home a new bicycle and trophy for their efforts.

Tazewell Late Models were up next in their thirty lap feature. Powell's Steve Smith would set fast time with a lap of 12.665 seconds with Greg Estes of Jonesville, VA qualifying second. Estes would start on the inside of the front row and lead the first twelve laps with Smith increasing the pressure with each lap. Smith would using the low groove to take the lead on lap thirteen and hold off Estes for his first win of the season in the Phantom Race Engine owered, Hooosier Race Tire shod Rayburn Race Car.

Tazewell Late Models
1. 3 Steve Smith
2. 31 Greg Estes
3. 90J Jason Trammell
4. 11 Anthony Arnwine
5. 56J Jody Horton
6. 12 Eric Register
7. 18 Michael Rutherford
8. 45 B.J. Morris
9. 22 Matthew Holt
10. 28 Jerry Williams Jr.
11. 17 Brian Shockley
12. 111 J. Allen
13. 71 Billy Gordon
14. 24 Andy Wilder
15. 17 Wade Ramsey
16. 12 Craig Gregg

After a dominating performance on Tuesday night Jonathan Miracle would set fast time in Pure Street qualifying. Daniel Carpenter of Barbourville, KY would share the front row of the feature with Miracle. Carpenter took the lead on the first lap and never looked back picking up his first Pure Street win using an engine borrowed from fellow racer Steve Smith.

Pure Street
1. C5 Daniel Carpenter
2. 26 Jonathan Miracle
3. 97 Aaron Guinn
4. 5 Jason Saylor
5. 15 Jason Long
6. 28 Justin James
7. 92T Travis Crosby
8. 19 James Brooks
9. 11 Toby Turner
DNS 97 Bo Hall

The wildest asction of the night came in the Classic Car feature. Joel Wolfenbarger and Josh Chesney would bring the field to the green flag. Chesney's car slowed on the first lap with a three-way battle for the lead between Wolfenbarger, Kurt Owens and Shane Lockhart. On lap four contact with another car send Matt Tharp sliding sideways down the front stretch making hard contact with the inside wall. On lap five Owens and Wolfenbarger made contact with both cars spinning and relegated to the rear of the field. Eli Keck would assume the lead yet contact between himself and Lockhart would send both their cars to the rear of the field after they brought out the caution. Jason Beeler would inherit the lead followed by John Stevens and Owens. The scariest moment of the season happened on lap six as contact between Stevens and Owens sent Owens' car barrell-rolling down the front stretch. After a few tense moments Owens would emerge unscathed. With the many cautions and tempers taking over track officials cut the race down from 20 laps to twelve laps. Josh Chesney would takes the checkers for his third win of the season in the Fat Boyz Racing, Maynardville Muffler Center, Hot Rods Paint & Body, Eddies Auto Parts, Crossroads Motors, Inskip Body Shop Ford Sedan.

Classic Car
1. 8 Josh Chesney
2. 3 Jason Beeler
3. 18 Eli Keck
4. 1 Shane Lockhart
5. 7 John Stevens
6. 74 Justin Overton
7. 44 Kurt Owens
8. 13 Joel Wolfenbarger
9. 20 Matt Tharp