2017 Tazewell Speedway Safety Rules


31 Racing Inc./Tazewell Speedway shall incur no liability to any party, whether a participant, spectator, guest or invitee.

1. Nomex Type SFI 1, 3, or 5 rated firesuit and shoes or equivalent required. Nomex type or equivalent fire resistant socks are recommended. Fire resistant underwear is recommended when SFI-1 or equivalent firesuits are worn. SFI or equivalent rated neck collars and gloves are recommended. Firesuits and related accessories must be kept clean and in good repair without rips, tears, holes nor excessively soiled with grease or oil.

2. Snell approved full face helmet (SA95 or newer) with Lexan face shield is mandatory. Helmet chin strap must be Nomex covered. Helmets must not show signs of abuse. Helmets which are abused, thrown or involved in an injury accident will be confiscated by Officials for inspection.

3. Window nets are mandatory. A nylon mesh window net must be installed in the left side driver's door opening.

4. A toggle type ignition kill switch must be easily accessible to driver and safety crew and placed to the LEFT of the driver.

5. Center of steering wheel must be padded.

6. NASCAR, SFI approved or equivalent, factory manufactured, racing bucket seat. Must be upholstered and padded. No homemade seats of any kind including but not necessarily limited to those made of aluminum, plastic or fiberglass. A minimum of 6#, 3/8' grade 8 bolts required for seat mount. Seats must be bolted to a seat rail, minimum 1/8" x 1"o.d. round or square tube that is to be welded to the roll cage separate of chassis. Approved padded headrest mandatory.

7. A quick release five point harness system required. A submarine (crotch) belt is mandatory. All belt ends must be attached to roll bar cage separately from the seat with 3/8" grade 8 bolt min. Belts must come from behind the driver. Worn belts must be replaced. Belts or harnesses over 3 years old will not be allowed. Assemblies whose manufacture date is either not marked or illegible will not be allowed.

8. An on-board fire extinguishing system (Phoenix or equivalent) using Halon (inert gas) or equivalent is recommended. If using an on-board system, valve plunger (actuator) must be mounted to the right of driver, within easy reach of the driver and in plain view. On-board system will be inspected and must be passed by Technical Inspector. If no on-board system is installed, a minimum five pound A-B-C type (dry powder) fire extinguisher must be mounted within easy reach of driver's in an approved, quick release type bracket. Fire bottles may not be tied to a nearby bar (i.e. with zip-ties, duct tape or bailing wire).

9. Drivers caught on track without all safety equipment on will be black flagged from racetrack. Once cleared by race Official with all safety equipment properly on, driver will return to track at the rear of the field. All race cars are subject to a safety inspection and it is the responsibility of the driver to see that the car is inspected before competition.

10. All weight added to the car must be securely mounted with a minimum of two 3/8 grade 8 bolts. It must be painted white and the car number must be visible.