Chris Corum named new general manager


Chris Corum has been named the new general manager for Tazewell Speedway. Corum will oversee the day-to-day operations of the facility.

Tazewell Speedway owner Gary Hall had recent back surgery. His doctor told him to refrain from any physical activity for a year. Hall tabbed Corum to become the new general manager.

“I’ve had five surgeries in six years ranging from my knee to my back,” Hall said. “I had recent back surgery that’s been pretty painful. The doctor told me I need to refrain from serious physical activity for a year. To run a racetrack, you just can’t do that. The timing was right for us to talk again about Chris running things.”

Hall and Corum have had past discussions about managing Tazewell Speedway. Corum was the recent owner of I-40 Motocross and the timing was never right. Corum recently sold the motocross and is able to take over as Tazewell Speedway general manager.

“Chris has done a great job everywhere he has been,” Hall stated. “We’re fortunate to finally get him to come run things at Tazewell.”

Corum’s father, “Little” Bill Corum, was a hall of fame racer at Tazewell Speedway. He spent many nights at Tazewell Speedway watching his father win races.

“I’m really excited about this opportunity Gary has give me,” Corum said. “We’ve talked in the past about me coming to work for him, but the timing was never right. Between his back surgery and the offer I had on the motorcross property, the timing finally fell right this time. Tazewell is like a home track to me. I can’t wait to get started.”

Hall was quick to point out Corum will be in complete charge.

“Chris is 100% in charge,” Hall stated. “He’ll be there every week and he will be running things. If there is a problem, Chris is the one to call, not me. I’ll be there for some of our bigger races, but I’ll be there more to oversee things than doing much of anything.”

The first race at Tazewell Speedway in 2017 will be Saturday, April 1.

Updated: December 27, 2016 — 10:27 AM
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