June 15, 2013 - Another beautiful weekend in east Tennesse brought out the ever faithful drivers and fans for a night of grass roots racing at Tazewell Speedway.

The first feature of the evening was for the Modified Street division. Gary Blanken of Morristown would set fast time in qualifying and with the invert draw would start third. Warren McMahan and Brad Davis would share the front row. At the drop of the green McMahan and Davis raced side by side down the back stretch with Davis slipping by as they entered turn three. Davis would extend the elad until lap nine when McMahan caught up to his back bumper. On lap fourteen it turned into four way battle for the lead as Tony Horton and Blanken caught up to the leaders. Blanken would slip by Horton to finish third. Up front it was Brad Davis making it two in a row in the Old Town Grill, Jeffers Exterminating, A-1 Tint and Detail, Andrews Construction, Just Bounce, Country Gun &Pawn, Phantom Race Engines powered Renegade Race car.

Modified Street
1. 88 Brad Davis
2. 33 Warren McMahan
3. 5 Gary Blanken
4. 56 Tony Horton
5. P21 Robbie Buchanan
6. 4 Clyde Overholt
7. 54 Larry Burke
8. 52 Michael Boyd
9. 55 Howie Strugill

Last week Chuck McMahan's winning streak was stopped by Jeromy Collins. This week McMahan would start on the pole position after the blind draw. McMahan jumped out to the lead in the feature with Joey Allen and Hayston Collett in tow. Kurt Owens, making his first apperance of the season in the familiar 7Up Mustang, started eleventh and would finish third. McMahan would lead every lap of the feature to score his seventh win of the season in the Round Boy Motorsports, Lowes Auto Parts, Jim Ford Automotive Ford Mustang.

4 Cylinder
1. 99 Chuck McMahan
2. A00 Joey Allen
3. 7UP Kurt Owens
4. 14 Chad Manning
5. B7 Bubby Braden
6. 007 Hayston Collett
7. 44J Jeromy Collins
8. 72 Rufus Collett
9. 21 Chris Reichery
10. 38 James Collett Jr.
11. 1 Jason Turner
DNS 13 John Collett

Josh Chesney of Maynarville would set quick time in Sportsman qualifying and start the feature thrid after the invert draw. Keith Chapman and Heath Alvey would share the front row of the feature. Chapman would lead every lap to collect his fifth win of the season in the A-1 Storage Trailers, JRT Promotions, Sun Electric Company, Trammell Construction, Fast Lane Signs and Graphics, Hatmaker Holdings sponsored Warrior Studebaker SS.

1. 97 Keith Chapman
2. 56H Jordon Horton
3. 7 Heath Alvey
4. XXX Josh Chesney
5. 01 Jerry Hux
6. 88 Billy Gordon
7. 46 Derrick Shockley
8. 29 Chris Raines
9. 9 Darrell Saylor
10. J7 Jody Horton

Steve Smith would set fast time in Tazewell Late Models and share the front row of the feature with Jason Trammell. Smith would keep the field in check until lap seven when Trammell started challenging for the lead. Trammell used every groove on the track to try and gain an advantage on Smith. But it was not to be as Smith captured his second win of the season in the Phantom Race Engine Powered C.J. Rayburn Race Car.

Tazewell Late Models
1. 3 Steve Smith
2. 90J Jason Trammell
3. T0 Travis Fultz
4. 22 Matthew Holt
5. 12 Craig Gregg
6. 24 Andy Wilder
7. 21 Bryan Howerton
8. 17 Brian Shockley

Barbourville Kentucky's Steve Smith would set fast time in Pure Street qualifying and share the front of the feature with Jonathan Miracle. The duo ran door to door for the first two lap with Miracle easing into the lead. Smith's night would come to an end as he dropped out of contention on lap thirteen. This would move Aaron Guinn into second. Immediately Guinn started pressuring Miracle for the top spot. Guinn dove to the inside several times and on lap eighteen would take the lead away from Miracle as they made contact coming out of turn four. This would be the first win of the season for the young driver from Morristown.

Pure Street
1. 97 Aaron Guinn
2. 15 Jason Long
3. 26 Jonathan Miracle
4. 11 Tim Stevens
5. 5 Jason Saylor
6. 25 Eric Webber
7. 19 James Brooks
8. 92T Travis Crosby
9. 2 Steve Smith
10. C5 Daniel Carpenter
11. 97 Bo Hall
12. 11 Toby Turner
DNS 21 Appaches Quinton

Last year's Classic Car points champion Shane Lockhart lined up alongside Joel Wolfenbarger for their feature race. Wolfenbarger would take the lead over Lockhart and Shannon Reece. With the best racing of the night Wolfenbarger would hold the lead until lap seventeen when Reece slipped into the lead on the back stretch. After starting ninth Matt Tharp weaved his way through the field and took the lead away from Reece in the remaining laps to record his second win of the season in the Red Eyes Racing, Carway Auto Sales sponsored Classic Car.

1. 20 Matt Tharp
2. 68 Shannon Reece
3. 13J Joel Wolfenbarger
4. 1 Shane Lockhart
5. 3 Jason Beeler
6. 18 Eli Keck
7. 74 Justin Overton
8. 24 Scott Lacy
9. 7 John Stevens
DNS 8 Josh Chesney

This Saturday night we present the Sportsman Challenge with twin features and double points for the Sportsman division. Also in action will be our Tazewell Late Models, Modified Street, Pure Street, 4 cylinder and Classic Car divisions. For more info visit www.TazewellS and check us out on Facebook and Twitter.