The mild spring weather brought another great crowd to see a field full of cars Saturday night at Tazewell Speedway. The main events of the night was a $1,200 to win feature in Limited Late Models and Twin Features for Modified Street. Nineteen Limited Late Models were on hand to vie for the top prize. In time trials Jason Trammell would turn the fastest lap yet his time was disallowed as he came up light on the scales and was relegated to the tail of the field for the feature. That would give the pole position over to Clinton's Mark Leach who won at Wartburg Speedway the night before. Leach would share the front row with Travis Fultz.

After two attempts to start were waved off, Fultz gained the advantage over Leach as the field took the green. Fultz lead all the way to turn three on the first lap and tapped the wall coming out of four as Leach dove low to take the top spot. Fultz would gather himself and settle into second. Leach pulled out to a commanding lead until lap nineteen when he caught up to lap traffic. This would allow Fultz to close in yet Leach diced his way through the traffic. Just as Leach was ready to cruise to victory he collided with the lap car of Marty Calloway lap 33 on the front stretch. Calloway had just taken lay-over flag and was in the racing groove directly in the path of the leader. Leach would crash hard into Calloway and suffer front end suspension damage ending his night. Fultz tagged Calloway flattening the left front tire. This would give the top spot to Sneedville's Nichols and former Pure Street winner. Nichols would hold off a hard charging Steve Carr to score his first Late Model win in the Nichols Tire, Smith Auto Parts Warrior Race Car.

Limited Late Model

1.Phillip Nichols
2.Steve Carr
3.Danny Yoder
4.Jason Trammell
5.Keith Chapman
6.Mike Reece
7.Ricky Houston
8.Travis Fultz
9.Greg Estes
10.Billy Gordon
11.Matt Tharp
12.Freddie Brock
13.Mark Leach
14.Josh Chesney
15.Mike Bright
16.Marty Calloway
17.Anthony Burchett
18.Andy Wilder
19.Anthony Arnwine

Fans on hand were treated to twin 15 lap Modified Street features. Tony Horton of Sneedville turned the fastest qualifying time to gain the pole for the first feature. At the drop of the green Horton and Warren McMahan would battle door-to-door for the lead. McMahan, in only his fifth visit to the track would gain the advantage and lead every lap to win the first feature in the Jabo's Pharmacy, Dandridge Service Station, Supreme Towing sponsored Monte Carlo.

Modified Street 1st Feature

1.Warren McMahan
2.Tony Horton
3.Chris Collinsworth
4.Shannon Emery
5.Larry Burke
6.Andrew Loving
7.Dustin Shaver
8.Clyde Overholt
9.Brad Davis
10.Sue Curl
11.Charlie Rouse
12.Tim Hatfield
13.Scottie Atkins
14.Jody Horton
15.Greg Estes
16.Kenny Cloud
17.Wayne Overholt

The top six finishers would be inverted for the second feature giving Andrew Loving the pole
alongside Larry Burke. Collingsworth, Davis and Clyde Overholt would give Burke all he could handle as they tried to get to Loving, who would hold on to take his first checkered flag of the season.

Modified Street 2nd Feature

1.Andrew Loving
2.Larry Burke
3.Chris Collinsworth
4.Clyde Overholt
5.Shannon Emery
6.Brad Davis
7.Warren McMahan
8.Sue Curl
9.Dustin Shaver
10.Scottie Atkins
11.Tim Hatfield
12.Charlie Rouse
13.Tony Horton
14.Jody Horton

For the second week in a row Tim Ladd of Clinton dominated the 4 Cylinder feature in his Toyota Celica.

4 Cylinder

1.Tim Ladd
2. Kurt Owens
3. Brad Pressley
4. Bubby Braden
5. Hayston Collett
6. Daniel Reece
7. Justin james

In Pure Street action, Morristown's Jason Long used his fastest qualifier position to his advantage and lead every lap of the feature in the Morristown Towing and Recovery, Performance Chassis Monte Carlo.

Pure Street

1.Jason Long
2.Steve Smith
3.Kevin Smith
4.Travis Helton
5.Michael Daniels
6.Dwight Creech
7.Gary Harville
8.Charles Barnette
9.Jesse Wilder
10.John Chesney
11.Anthony Standifer
12.Bo Hall
13.Johnny Miller
14.Jordan Horton
15.Jerry Green


Winner's photos from April 18, 2009