Rick Rogers of Knoxville had already etched his name into the record books at Tazewell Speedway, accumulating four track championships plus setting a new track qualifying record on May 23 of this year. With all the accomplishments Rogers was still looking for his first win of the year at The Taz. On a special Thursday night edition of racing, Rogers set fast time and lined up alongside Jason Trammell for the feature. Before the green flag fell Trammell would pull pitside and retire with mechanical woes. Shon Flanary gave Rogers a challenge in the first two circuits yet it was Roger's night as he led every lap of the feature in the BKW Disaster & Recovery, Greeneville Forest Products, Vic Hill Racing Engine powered Warrior Chevy.

Super Late Models
1.44 Rick Rogers
2.3 Steve Smith
3.7 Brian Smith
4.22 Mike Weeks
5.5 Bryan Hendrix
6.7 Marty Calloway
7.XXX Josh Chesney
8.98 Shon Flanary

Jason Trammell set fast time in Limited Late Models and battled early in the feature with Mark Leach. Brad Hall and Phillip Nichols were not far behind as they raced hard for third. On lap fifteen as the leaders were exiting turn four, Leach would get tangled up with the lap car of Mike Bright sending both cars spinning on the front stretch. Several cars were involved with leach suffering sheet metal damage but able to continue. Trammell would check out on the field for yet another Limited Late Model win in the Trammell Construction, Fast Lane Signs & Graphics, Vic Hill Racing Engines, Rayburn Corvette.

Limited Late Models
1.90 Jason Trammell
2.47 Brad Hall
3.66 Mark Leach
4.8 Mike Reece
5.T0 Travis Fultz
6.18 Anthony Burchett
7.66 Adam Beeler
8.25 Scott Gardner
9.97 Keith Chapman
10.31 Greg Estes
11.12R Ricky Houston
12.45 B.J. Morris
13.11 Josh Fields
14.19 Johnny Lane
15.18 Michael Rutherford
16.7B Mike Bright
17.33 Phillip Nichols
18.73 Richard Atkins
DNS 2 Danny Yoder

It had been years since Morristown's Gary Blanken had been behind the wheel of a Modified Street. He is best known for piloting Late Models throughout east Tennessee. On Thursday night he got behind the wheel of the car owned by Donnie Petty and set quick time. Blanken would take the early lead over Clyde Overholt and Dustin Shaver. On lap eight Tony Horton would get sideways in turn two. Behind him Mike Simpson would get collected and take a nasty roll. As it looked like Overholt would be able to challenge Blanken, the young driver would drop out on lap eleven with front suspension trouble. Blanken would go unchallenged to take the win in the Petty's Wrecker Service, Coles Landscaping, Hopson Racing & Fabrication sponsored Monte Carlo.

Modified Street
1.21 Gary Blanken
2.33 Warren McMahan
3.7 Dustin Shaver
4.77 Chris Collinsworth
5.88 Brad Davis
6.17 Leonard Bray
7.3 Tim Hatfield
8.21 Dustin McMurray
9.54 Larry Burke
10.4 Jesse Helton
11.5 Bill Curl
12.20 Scottie Atkins
13.24 Allen Holt
14.1 Wayne Overholt
15.4 Clyde Overholt
16.56 Tony Horton
17.M7 Mike Simpson
18.31 Greg Estes
19.92 Darrell Mayes
20.7 Justin Mitchell

In the Pure Street Steve Smith would slip by Michael Daniels on lap five for his fourth win of the season.

Pure Street
1.2 Steve Smith
2.97 Aaron Guinn
3.12 Michael Daniels
4.11 Kevin Smith
5.15 jason long
6.12X Jerry Green
7.66 Daniel Reece
8.16 Will Carey
9.33 Daniel Massengill
10.J35 John Chesney
11.10 Daniel Carpenter
12.1 Brian Carpenter
13.10 Tony Spoon
14.41 Jonathan Miracle
15.38 Scott Gray
16.56 Jordan Horton
17.48 Charles Barnette

Tim Ladd took the early 4 Cylinder feature lead over Joey Allen. The duo would race hard throughout the feature, sometimes side by side. Allen would apply the pressure and slip by Ladd on lap twelve. Allen's victory celebration would be cut short as his car was found to be illegal after a post race protest giving Ladd the win.

4 Cylinder
1.39 Tim Ladd
2.19 Brad Pressley
3.7 Bubby Braden
4.26 Steve Parrott
5.007 Hayston Collett
6.99 Chuck McMahan
7.B01 Brandon Johnson
8.J5 Jamie James
9.7UP Kurt Owens
DQ A00 Joey Allen

Winner's photos from July 2, 2009